“We want to be the team that no one wants to face.”

“We want to be the team that no one wants to face.”

Jürgen Klopp explained the strong desire within the Liverpool team to take on the status of “the team that no one wants to play against.”

The champions travel to Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday evening seeking to return to winning ways in the Premier League, with Klopp describing his intention to do so during his pre-match press conference.

“Football is like this. You have to come in the right positions, then you have to make the right decisions, all these things. When asked how long it will take for the forwards to score in the first division again,” I don’t know how long it takes or anything else “.

“In this world we lose confidence and faith very quickly, everywhere. Everything is fine or everything is the opposite – and there are many stages in between. So we have an obligation to each other, that’s how it is. It doesn’t mean they can play the way they are.” They want it and things like that, they never, never could.

“I see them trying, and I see them working on it, and we work as a team on solutions, and we don’t tell them, ‘Everything is fine but then you don’t finish the situations.’ It’s not like that. It’s a complicated game and I like it in the football game. It never comes down to one person [and] This was the main reason I liked this game so much as a kid already: I ​​didn’t have to be perfect and we could still win the games. It comes down to that.

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“We have to become, and talk about these things because it’s clear – scoring is like crazy or not scoring, there’s a big thing in between, I know. But it’s really about being the team we want to be and the team we want to be is actually the only team that doesn’t want Nobody playing against it.

“That’s part of the problem, I think, at the moment. [the idea that if you] Defend deeply against us and sometime you will get chance to counterattack. But we want to be the team that no one wants to play against and we have a chance to be that team tomorrow night, then Sunday, then Wednesday, and again and again.

“This is what we always wanted but then suddenly people talk about us as the best team in the world, which we never were but this is not a problem. We can beat the best team in the world, and we can still beat the best team in the world. That’s good but we have to.” Prove it again on the field and we’ll do it.

“We are on fire, if we want, to respond and the more negative things about us are thought of or said about us, maybe the more we want it … that’s the way we are.

“The problem for our fans is that if we were playing a home game right now, they would say the fans have to be on their toes, ‘Come on, let’s create the atmosphere.’ That wouldn’t be there, anyway, not at Tottenham or West Ham because we’re playing. Out of our land, but this is an opportunity for us too.

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“We can do with our fans even in the moment when we’re not together – just create that common fighting spirit again. It’s tough, we haven’t seen each other in a while and now we’re becoming heroes, then at least some of the results went down a little. It was clear. Always it can happen.

“Now we can show how strong we are. I am in him, in him, whatever you want – and whoever wants to follow him, you are welcome.”

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