“We’re a fad and space, and that’s clearly on our list”

“We’re a fad and space, and that’s clearly on our list”

Diego Santelli is tired. Although the campaign has not officially started, and only yesterday signed on to the top of the list that will go to PASO with Facundo Manes, “Colorado” Profil confirmed that he will try to pass through 135 municipalities before November and is confident of the way to the September 12 elections.

– What is played in PASO?

—It is an elementary school to continue adding, expanding and growing. He who wins must lead, and he who loses must accompany. We will put on top of the proposed table, which province we have and which province we want.

“Were you surprised to compete with Mance?”

– I wasn’t surprised, he showed up when his brother competed in the UCR. You have to keep adding. This is an area characterized by the presence of primary elections. People will vote for someone close, who will listen to them, and help them achieve their dreams.

“Why did you choose Grindetti as your campaign manager?”

– Because he is a successful mayor, he has a lot of style and dedication and campaign management requires the following: to be very applicable. The campaign must be systematic.

Is Vidal campaigning for the boycott?

“I’d love for you to join me.”

And Mauricio Macri?

Everyone supports it. I watched the launch: there was Carrió, Pichetto, Jorge Macri, Ocaña, Patricia and Horacio. That’s what it’s about: it’s our space. I was with Mauricio before he left (for Europe) and we chatted after the launch.

– What role will Ritondo play?

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– It is very important that Christian is a very tough guy, we will travel and we will all play important roles. He is also a friend for many years. He didn’t hesitate for a minute and stood by my side to help.

Didn’t closing menus end up with a lot of spaces?

We are a vast and unconventional space. And it shows in the list: PRO, Public Trust, CC, then PRO again. This represents breadth.

Is your address still in town?

– I was born in the city, but I lived in Pilar for many years, and received my children in Pilar. The youngest of them is in primary school in Malvinas Argentinas. Today I am in Tigre. But the discussion is not about homes, but about people’s problems. All my life I have said that General Paz and Riccuelo do not separate what unites people.

– How do you evaluate the way to deal with the pandemic of the ruling party?

– The results are looming: It is a country where the economy has fallen 10 points, 6 out of 10 children live in poverty. There was a first stage where there was coordinated work, after quarantine I don’t know why they did it for so long. In July 2020, we started getting things back to normal, starting with businesses and schools, smart quarantine strategy, and people were complying.

Did Larita predict the year 2023 and is all his political capital at stake this year?

– We cannot talk today about the year 2023 and for these elections we had to put the best candidates in the field. We Argentines play a lot at stake: a vision of the country, upholding values, freedom of expression, respect for institutions. The Kirchneriya has already shown what it would do if it had a majority.

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Will your campaign focus on some areas?

– No, I will be in all electoral divisions. I have traveled in 45 municipalities and want to visit 135 before November. My campaign is the Infantry campaign, which is the campaign to listen, act, and act, as I have always done.

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