What does Cruz need to go to the semifinals?

What does Cruz need to go to the semifinals?

After losing the first leg, Cruise Azul Court 1 Tons against Toluca must advance to the semi-finals of 2021

Mexico – Blue Cross Reaching the second stage against the quarterfinals Toluca Against 2-1, but with a distant goal and the lead of the regular phase in their favor. Due to the above, a Engine As long as the Devils score more than one goal at the Azteca Stadium, a goal difference is enough to win. With two or more points from the Scarlets, the cement makers must win by two goals on the scoreboard.

Overview Blue Cross In the second round of the quarterfinals, initially, it was not complicated because he would be in the semifinals 1-0, thanks to a long-distance goal. You can even get a bit Toluca And won 2-1, with a score that would advance them to the final as they finished better than the Devils.

However, two points or more from the Mexico state team would put the machine on the verge of elimination, as it would be forced to win at the Azteca Stadium by differences of two goals, in this case, goals from beyond the distance of Toluca. Blue Cross The best position in the general table is no longer valid, so astronomy should dominate the global scoreboard.

Blue Cross, Guard1anes Clausura took his second lead in 2021 with 40 or more units in the history of short competition. In the first winter of 1998, he added 40 points in a match and was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

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On that occasion, Poomas kicked him out on the first occasion to remove him directly. The Cats won 3-2 at the Olympic University in the first round. In the second lane held at the Estadio Azul, they were tied at 1-1, which left the total score in favor of Auriasulus at 3-4.

For the current semester, the engine closed the regular phase with 41 units in the first place. This time in the quarterfinals his rival Toluca was the team that won the first leg 2-1 at Nemesio Tees. However, next Saturday on the Azteca Stadium grounds, cement manufacturers have their hands full to change the history of that winter 1998.

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