What happened to the director who humiliated Maria Celeste Araras?

What happened to the director who humiliated Maria Celeste Araras?

Maria Celeste Araras, who was the face of “Primer Impact” and “Al Rojo Vivo”, revealed that the news editor made life impossible in his career and named him Octavio.

In the context of: The news director who despised and humiliated Maria Celeste Araras

Maria Celeste Araras She shared her column called “This Is How I See It…The Reflections of Maria Celeste” who saw again years later the person who insulted her when she was her editor.

When she started her career, Octavio never considered and insulted her, and developed over the years until she achieved the success she fought hard for and found when she was called upon to be the star of Al Rojo Vivo.

At the time he was a reporter for a local magazine in Miami, while she had risen to the level of poor showmanship, he was apparently writing some type of content for her and so would be present at the press conference.

“I saw him in the midst of a sea of ​​reporters…in an instant, countless memories of all the times he despised me, for being my boss, and the times he insulted me and treated me as if I were painted on the wall,” he said.

“I was backstage in the conference room at the Biltmore Hotel with the heads of NBC and Telemundo preparing to announce some important news to the press: I’ve been hired as anchor and editor-in-chief for a new news magazine named after me: Al Rojo Vivo with Maria Celeste.”

“I was there, upstairs, celebrating my success and there was a career practically cancelled, and Octavio was no longer news director for Channel 41, and he moved to Miami and worked as an editor for one of those supplements that come with newspapers, which was definitely a dip in rank.

“With a timid smile, he stood on his end and extended his hand from below far away to greet me, as I turned to shake her hand, I remembered the prophetic words which my ex-husband Guillermo had repeated to me at the time of Octavio’s mistreatment: You turn toward the slope, Mary. And you are going up.”

“I could have ignored him but that never crossed my mind. I had no desire to make him feel unimportant because it made me feel, ‘Congratulations’ he said, ‘Thank you for coming’ I replied with a sincere smile.

Then he gave the lesson he learned from that episode:

“In life, no one should feel resentful. If I had wasted my time blaming Octavio for everything he did to me and feeling sorry for myself, I would not have been able to focus all my energies on achieving my career goals which took me that day to this scene.”

After commenting that the event the next day was on the front pages of many newspapers, I said: “I imagined Octavio reading the article somewhere in the city. What a paradox! Life goes on, and it certainly does not cease to surprise us. This confirms that you have chosen the right slogan For my new program: “Expect the Unexpected”.

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