He traveled into space, to the poles and descended into the Mariana Trench

He traveled into space, to the poles and descended into the Mariana Trench

Being a billionaire you can take a space tour when it feels right for you. In addition to Richard Garrowet A regular thing in the family. His father was an astronaut at NASA.

Richard paid for his passage on the Soyuz ship and eventually they couldn’t get him away from the International Space Station: “I wasn’t afraid at all at launch, it was a joy,” Richard explains.

Richard is a brilliant man, The Queen of England called him Sir after putting the British adventurous spirit to the fore. Garriot is Only living organism What or what It stepped on both poles, He traveled to space He fell To the deepest part of the planet: 11,000 meters in The ‘Mariana Trench ‘.

Next challenge: Go to the moon in 2023

There were fish everywhereBuried beneath the surface despite the cold water, ”says Jarwitt.

Witness to this was Victor Vescovo, the owner of a small bathtub that was designed to withstand the tremendous pressure under the water. But the thing Richard was fascinated by was Antarctica.

The most amazing place I have visited on the roof is undoubtedly AntarcticaOf the living things he sees on his travels, he confirms Adapt ideas to a video game The most famous in the world: Altima, who was its creator and with whom he made his fortune.

“From these trips, I gained experiences and then integrated them into my video games,” he concludes. However, this is not your last challenge, and the next goal is go to the Colors In 2023.

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