What Is Salesforce Administrator Certification? Is It Your Key to Success?

What Is Salesforce Administrator Certification? Is It Your Key to Success?

The Salesforce administrators work with the stakeholders to get the best out of Salesforce. These professionals also customize the Salesforce platform to meet their organization’s unique needs. The administrators maintain the platform and make it easy for the customers to use while providing technical assistance. In addition, they are kept in the loop regarding the capabilities, tools, and updates on the platform.

Prerequisites for Salesforce Administrator Certification

You don’t need to have any technical background to become a certified Salesforce administrator. Whatever field you are currently working in, you can earn the Salesforce Administrator credential and develop the comprehensive technical knowledge to function as a certified professional. However, it’s recommended that you have some level of hands-on experience working with the Salesforce platform.

Details of Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

To obtain this certification, you have to pass the corresponding exam. The Salesforce ADM-201 test covers a variety of concepts, which include managing data, user, and security; building reports, workflows, and dashboards; customizing and maintaining service and sales Cloud apps. Before taking this exam, you have to develop the relevant skills and knowledge in line with these topics. Passing the test makes you eligible for earning the Salesforce Administrator credential.

The https://www.certbolt.com/ Salesforce ADM-201 certification exam is a 105-minute test consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions. The students must score at least 65% of the correct answers to pass this exam. It can be taken as a proctored test both at a testing center and online from the convenience of your home or office. To register for this prerequisite exam, you will need to pay $200. In case of failure, you can retake it but note that each new attempt will cost you an extra $100.

Preparation for Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam

There are different prep options for the Salesforce ADM-201 exam. With various online resources, available free of charge and on a paying basis, you can pass your test on the first try and get your credential. Let’s have a closer look at the training tools you can use.

  • Online Training Courses

Many reputable online training platforms offer e-learning courses to equip the candidates with the expertise required to ace the certification exam. These courses cover each and every topic area of the test and can give them an overall understanding of the exam structure and content. They usually require payment. https://www.examsnap.com/

  • YouTube Channels

If you don’t have a budget for training, you can still get helpful resources from different YouTube channels. Many Salesforce experts have documented video tutorials on their YouTube channels and made these available to the students. You can go through some of these videos to prepare for your exam.

  • Practice Tests and Exam Dumps

You need to take a lot of practice tests to evaluate your level of readiness and get an idea what to expect in the actual exam. Braindumps will also help you get first-hand experience of the real questions. With these tools, you can considerably improve your performance in the certification test.


Many organizations across the world use the Salesforce platform. These include different non- profit companies, healthcare providers, service providers, retailers, and software firms. With the Salesforce Administrator credential, you can choose from an infinite number of career paths. Get certified now and open up a variety of employment opportunities.

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