Thousands march in Luma and on the island against the power system

Thousands march in Luma and on the island against the power system

Thousands of people marched on the Hudo Rail against the management of Luma Energy and the power transmission and distribution system in Puerto Rico, demanding the cancellation of the contract between the government and the company in Puerto Rico.

Protesters gathered in front of Hiram Pithorn Municipal Stadium, from where they marched towards the Los Americas Express at 5:30 pm, where traffic was to be stopped by police.

Demonstrations against the company took place during the tour, and its deal marked the beginning of the privatization of the Electricity Authority. Complaints from protesters include continuous interruptions in the electrical service, company response time and billing to subscribers.

“We are tired of coming home and realizing we don’t have electricity,” said Mera Rivera, 55, who is particularly concerned about her parents under the age of 90 and the heat they experience at home.

Among those marching was Juan Antonio Rivera, 78, who said the most recent crash this week had plunged him into darkness for 43 hours. The former damaged both of his computers.

“It costs $ 200 to fix one,” he shouted. “I have receipts here to take to Luma.”

One protester, who worked as a line operator for the Electricity Authority, said he was frustrated and angry about the blackout as his mother lay in bed, wearing a helmet and tool belt.

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“She’s going to suffer,” he said.

When the sun goes down, the lights of their mobile phones light up the Expresso Los Americas, whose lighting system has not worked for years.

The march ended where it started, where many citizens addressed those present.

Although the afternoon started with heavy rain in the Hatto Ray area, the weather conditions improved during the operation.

Many citizens interviewed by the metro said they had to park in remote areas Before the roads were closed by the police. The mayors who came to the area around Hiram Pithorn condemned the same.

The march came on the same day that LUMA announced it would provide electricity for the first time to a community in the municipality of Culebra Island, which relied solely on generators or solar panels. The company was approved on Friday to launch eight transfer and distribution restructuring projects worth $ 117 million.

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