What topics do they deal with and what is the purpose of the Summit of the Americas?

What topics do they deal with and what is the purpose of the Summit of the Americas?

(CNN Spanish) – The Summit of the Americas begins on June 6, however, it is in an area of ​​uncertainty.

Given this geopolitical context of instability and still awaits it They will be the participantsWe tell you what this summit is, what its purpose is and the issues discussed in it.

What is the Summit of the Americas and what is its purpose?

On June 6, the summit celebrates its ninth edition. This is the first time that the United States has hosted the meeting since 1994. The year it was first introduced After the call made by then-President Bill Clinton.

It is a meeting held periodically by the political leaders of the continent with the aim of discussing and defining actions to address the common problems and challenges of the region and to promote integration.

“The Summit of the Americas brings together the leaders of the countries of North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The Summit and its stakeholder forums advance cooperation for inclusive economic growth and prosperity throughout the region, based on our shared respect for democracy, fundamental freedoms and the dignity of work and free enterprise.” , says the US State Department.

This means that the Summit brings together leaders of the region as well as other members of society, such as civil society organizations, representatives of indigenous communities, civic leaders, entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs.

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What topics are covered?

As the State Department notes, each summit “focuses on an important area of ​​cooperation that concerns all countries of the Americas.”

Historically, these high-level meetings have worked on issues related to the promotion of democracy, human rights and development; increase economic competitiveness; improving access to clean energy and communication technology; Strengthening regional security and combating illegal trade.

Most recently, leaders committed to fighting corruption that undermines democratic governance when they met at the Eighth Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, in 2018.

In this version, in addition to the summit with the leaders of the region, the United States will hold three formal forums that bring together members of the community (i.e. interested parties):

  • The Ninth Civil Society Forum
  • Sixth Youth Forum of the Americas
  • 4th CEO Summit of the Americas

They will promote “greater dialogue among heads of government, people, and business in the Americas to address challenges and opportunities in the Western Hemisphere, such as social inclusion, economic recovery, climate change, democracy and digital transformation,” as the Biden administration explains on the forums of the ninth session of the summit, whose theme is “Building a future.” sustainable, resilient and just.”

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