AMLO will not attend the US summit, but will meet Piton

AMLO will not attend the US summit, but will meet Piton

(CNN Spanish) – Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lபpez Obrador announced at a news conference on Monday that he would not attend the US summit in Los Angeles from June 6 to 10 because not all countries in the United States have been invited. .

However, a senior U.S. official confirmed that AMLO will meet with Joe Biden at the White House next July.

“I can tell the Mexican people about the summit and that I am not going to attend, it will represent me and the government, Marcelo Ebert. And I did not go to the summit because I believe that not all countries in the United States have been invited and that the policy imposed for centuries should be reversed. Disrespect for the sovereignty of nations and the freedom of each nation, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

In his traditional morning, AMLO said it planned to meet with President Joe Biden at the White House in July, which was confirmed from Washington.

AMLO pointed out “I would like to unite with him all the United States and discuss issues such as inflation and immigration reform.

The official who confirmed the meeting between Biden and AMLO in July did not specify a date.

López Obrador also confirmed that he would visit communities in the state of Oaxaca affected by Hurricane Agatha on Thursdays and Fridays this week.

Last month, Lopez Obrador Said He argues that no country should exist until the United States calls on all countries in the hemisphere that Mexico’s participation will not be guaranteed. Excluded from the summit.

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U.S. officials have repeatedly said that the authoritarian governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will not be invited to the summit because of human rights record. But Mexico and other countries in the region have close ties to those countries and called for an end to the decision.

The ups and downs of attendance at the summit are signs of dynamic dynamics in the Western Hemisphere as some countries move away from the United States.

Former Senator Christopher Todd, who serves as special adviser to the summit, has previously traveled to South America to meet with officials from Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Following Todd’s visit, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry will attend President Jair Bolzano’s and plans to hold his first bilateral meeting with Biden.

Bolivarian Alliance before the US Summit 2:20

Relations between the United States and Brazil are strained as former President Donald Trump, a political ally of Bolsanaro, failed in his bid for re-election. The Brazilian president was one of the last world leaders to greet Biden following the 2020 US election, and also publicly criticized US pressure to control Brazil’s increasing deforestation in the Amazon.

He was initially skeptical about traveling to Los Angeles for the summit, and complained that Biden ignored him when he met at the G20 last year. But he agreed to attend when he was assured that it would not stop at just one photo.

Todd held similar talks with other leaders in the region, including lengthy talks with Lopez Obrador, but failed to publicly obtain assurances from the Mexican leader to attend.

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The United States has officially announced that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will not be invited to the summit.

A senior government official has said that the United States has officially decided not to invite Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the US summit in Los Angeles this week.

“The United States continues to make reservations about the lack of democratic space and human rights in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. As a result, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will not be invited to attend the summit,” a senior government official said. In a statement to CNN, he noted that the United States, as a host country, has “broad preference over calls”.

The United States has said no such invitation has been issued, but the Biden administration has refused to provide an official guest list in response to threats of boycott by a group of countries led by Mexico in connection with its exclusion. The official declined to comment directly on the absence of Lopez Obrador.

“In recent weeks, US officials have engaged in wide-ranging and open discussions with regional governments on the issue of summoning Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela,” the official said.

“NGO delegates from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are registered to attend the three partner forums,” the official said.

“The summit will bring together thousands of people and focus on some of the key shared challenges and opportunities facing our hemisphere. We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate these relationships and unite as a region to meet these challenges,” the official said. .

The Honduran president will not attend the US summit

The Presidential Palace Communications Committee has confirmed to CNN that Honduran President Siomaro Castro will not attend the US summit in Los Angeles, California.

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The delegation, led by Foreign Minister Enrique Raina, and Castro’s son, Hector Zelaya, Castro’s son, are attending.

On May 28, Castro posted on his Twitter account that he would attend the summit only if “all nations of the United States are invited, without exception.”

A senior U.S. official confirmed to CNN on Monday that the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela would not be invited to the summit because of the democratic gaps and the human rights situation in those countries. The official said the host countries have a wide discretion in deciding who to call.

Various departments in Honduras are concerned that Castro will not attend the summit, taking into account the relationship he established with the US government a few months before he took office as president, and was strengthened by the arrival of the vice president on January 27, when he takes office on January 27. Kamala Harris.

Salvador Nasrallah, Honduran president-elect, said on Twitter on Sunday that Castro’s “political decision” not to attend the summit was “a chance the country missed”.

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