When science floods the classroom and takes to the streets

When science floods the classroom and takes to the streets

Starting this Tuesday, for two intense days, the city of Estepa in Seville opens its doors to science, thanks to IES Aguilar y Cano initiative, He is responsible for organizing everything related to the 12th Science Fair of the IES Aguilar y Cano.

The exhibition was opened in facilities Municipal Cabin “Paco Gandia” of the Municipality of Seville, As the twelfth edition of this scientific event opens, it is crucial to take into account the amount of teaching that students receive through initiatives like this, which is now shown in this interesting initiative.

The exhibition can be visited during the morning by schools, while Reserved for noon on Wednesday 8th March visits in general. For this purpose, corresponding visits may take place from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

educational centers in the region

For the first time, participation was opened for the region, and The exhibition opens up to possibility For the active participation of secondary school students in some municipalities of the region.

This is why high school students are expected to visit Jose Saramago de Marinaleda and center Celina de Jelena They will also participate in their platforms where they will show their classmates the projects they have been working on with their teachers during the course.

In addition, there will be the participation of companies from the municipality of Estepeño, among them “La Aurora” or “Anís Bravío” and the College of Pharmacists of Seville, entities that actively support the continued existence of a cultural and scientific initiative of the importance of this

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When science floods the classroom and takes to the streets

A different way to learn science

once again, Scientific departments will meet From centers to try to bring science closer to their peers in a different way.

ESO, baccalaureate and vocational training students You will be shown from a practical and empirical perspective That there is another way to do science and they will be able to.

Thus, the student body You will be able to participate in games, invertebrate viewing platforms, Exhibits of anatomical models or chemistry experiments, so your visit will not be a fixed appointment, but rather you will actively participate in several activities that are scheduled for an intense three days.

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