This was Camilo’s reaction after not winning the Grammy he was nominated for

This was Camilo’s reaction after not winning the Grammy he was nominated for

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Camilo He is at the peak of success, which was enough to earn a nomination for Grammy Awards “Best Latin Pop Album”. by “my hands”And the And it’s an award I’ve been very excited about.

although “my hands” praised through Latin Grammyin which Camilo Took four small statues, the same fate did not run into the awards ceremony in the United States, since The winning album was “Mindo” by Alex Cuba.

However, Camilo took it in the best way, Even before the ceremony I was quietly waiting for the awards ceremony and Evaluna’s cookiesthen in Instagram stories She posted a video showing herself in the kitchen Watch Grammys from a PC.

“Glory to the creator!!! Let it be what he wants 🙂 Watching the Grammy from the kitchen with cookies Evalunaaaaaaa”Written to accompany the video.

Camilo on Instagram Stories.

Camilo lost his Grammy nomination

After not winning the category in which he competed, the Colombian wrote: “Total reverence for the Creator and his way of allowing me to achieve some things but not others… To keep me moving…it made me understand that this life is a game, but one that deserves to be taken seriously.”

Camilo on Instagram Stories.

And in later stories he thanked Al-Hayat and his fans for the support they had given him: “I loved every second of the dream That you won a Grammy! Someday!!”.

Camilo on Instagram Stories.
Camilo on Instagram Stories.

Thanks tribe. Walk beside me, let me walk beside you!! I promise you many honest songs,” continued Camilo, without stopping to dream of winning a Grammy.

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