Why you need a Website Redesign

Why you need a Website Redesign

In past years, the redesign was something akin to human space travel, because it was believed that a brand or logo created once was and for centuries.  Each update caused fear of losing recognition, and therefore customers.  Today, corporate identity redesign is a popular solution used by many.  Have you ever had such a thing that you look at your brand and understand that it is hopelessly lost against the background of competitors, looks boring and has ceased to reflect the level of development of your business?  If yes, it’s time for a redesign.  For what other reasons do you need to order a redesign and automotive website design?

Reasons for corporate identity redesign

According to experts, a corporate identity design redesign is necessary in the following cases:

* New development.  When a business reaches a certain status level, it often “grows” out of the familiar design that was at the beginning of the path.  This process can be compared with clothing, because it is unlikely that an adult wears the clothes that he wore as a child.  There are often cases when the logo was developed by those who are far from marketing nuances, so the development did not initially solve marketing problems.

* Modernization.  Modernization is a natural stage in the existence of any business, because it provides access to a new level.  Fashion changes, new styles and trends emerge, so sooner or later the brand needs to be updated.  In addition, the image can be simply boring.  Modernization is considered a positive development, because it is associated with development and progress.

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* Business changes.  Expansions, reorganizations, mergers often take place, which undoubtedly affects the work as a whole.  In this case, it is necessary to redesign the corporate style of the company, corresponding to the new structure and work.

* Brand update.  Often brand renewal and powerful advertising is exactly what is needed to grow a company.  This reliable marketing tool should not be neglected.

If the redesign of the corporate identity of the brand is obvious, you should not postpone it, because the development and success of the business is at stake.  Of course, you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the logo, compared with competitors, but it is better to entrust design changes to professionals in their field.

Stages and features of corporate identity redesign

The redesign of the corporate design involves changing not only the logo, but also the business documentation, which has attributes.  The changes are in graphics correction, font selection, color, image change.

Redesign is an interesting and subtle process.  The main task of the designer making changes is to bring a fresh idea, while maintaining the connection between the new and the past.  Interestingly, even with a minor redesign, the result will not be long in coming: the attractiveness and relevance of the brand will increase, while maintaining its recognition.

In order for the result to meet your expectations, it is worth doing a lot of work: drawing up the organizational structure of the brand, determining the main taste of customers, taking into account the historical experience of work.  The stages of design change can be roughly divided into the following steps:

  1. Discussion and approval of the main aspects of the redesign with the customer.
  2. Study of style and demand.
  3. Drawing up a layout and approving it with the customer.
  4. Direct implementation of the redesign.
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It is worth noting that the price depends on the scale of the redesign, the timing of its completion, and the availability of existing developments is also taken into account.  It is Fireart who knows how to update your brand so that your customers will appreciate it!

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