An attack on Billy Sharp by a fan during the invasion of Nottingham Forest-Sheffield United | Paul Hickingbottom: ‘It’s out of order’ | football news

An attack on Billy Sharp by a fan during the invasion of Nottingham Forest-Sheffield United |  Paul Hickingbottom: ‘It’s out of order’ |  football news

Paul Hickingbottom has called on the authorities to impose the toughest punishment after Billy Sharp was attacked in the wake of Sheffield United’s semi-final defeat at Nottingham Forest.

The Blades overturned from two goals down to tie 3-3 on aggregate and impose extra time and penalties on the city’s soil, but their spirited fight was put down in the penalty shootout when goalkeeper Bryce Samba saved three penalties to send Forest. to Wembley.

Jungle’s rejoicing at the prospect of ending their 23-year absence from the Premier League, provided they beat Huddersfield in the final on May 29, turned from the stands into a ground invasion overshadowed by an unprovoked attack on the Blades Sharp striker.

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Highlights of the second leg of the semi-final round between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield United.

Sharp, who was injured and did not feature for Sheffield United in the second leg of the semi-final, was watched from the touchline as the Forest fans celebrated their 3-2 victory on penalties before they appeared to be blinded by the charge. Supporter, cheerleader, supporter.

Director Heckingbottom condemned the attack, which is understood to have left Sharp to require stitches.

Tell Sky Sports“I watch football every Monday night, every Sunday is big, my time in Scotland has been a lot of people talking about seeing things thrown on the pitch, fans invade the pitch, seeing things that put players’ health and safety at risk and nothing has been done about That, and there will be nothing to be done about it.

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“We saw it. We know what happened. There is a prison sentence there without a doubt. How can you come to your workplace, take care of your own business and be assaulted in this way? All too often we hear people condemning it and nothing is done about it. We suffer. It’s annoying for so many reasons.”

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Paul Hickingbottom condemns full-time supporter who attacked Billy Sharpe

Sharp’s Incident panicked forest

Nottingham Forest moved quickly to denounce the attack on Sharp, who was on loan for the club during the 2012/13 season, and issued an apology and pledged to ban their striker for life.

“Nottingham Forest Football Club is dismayed to learn that our former player Billy Sharp was assaulted as he was leaving the field after tonight’s game at City Stadium,” a statement read.

“The club will work with the authorities to locate the individual so he can be held accountable for his actions, which will include a life ban from Nottingham Forest.

“The club would also like to apologize to Bailey personally and to Sheffield United Football Club.”

Former Nottingham Forest defender Michael Dawson, who was an analyst Sky Sports At City Ground, he expressed his disbelief in the attack on Sharp.

“This is an absolute disgrace,” he said. “Lots of people running on the field, we talked about Forrest having a special night but Billy Sharp was just standing there doing nothing wrong. And a stupid fan ran and did that spoiled everything. Hope Sharp is ok.

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“It happens every year at the end of the season when one team is disappointed and one team is happy, I worry about the opponent when the fans run. It only takes one stand for someone to really get hurt.”

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Bryce Samba made Sheffield United’s goalkeepers wait before saving three penalty kicks in Nottingham Forest’s win that led them to the tournament final at Wembley.

Former Sheffield United midfielder Michael Brown echoed Dawson’s sentiments, adding: “It’s absolutely ridiculous.

“It worries me when the fans run. It messes it up a little bit. I understand the fans want to keep going, but idiots can screw it up.”

“He should be punished. It will become mandatory for fans not to run despite these special occasions. The person should be punished.

“When will this stop. When will people in the community realize that this is not acceptable?”

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