Will Alex Rodriguez follow Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to New York? Here is the photo that gives it

Will Alex Rodriguez follow Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to New York?  Here is the photo that gives it

After the love step of the red carpet Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck In Venice, Alex Rodriguez He did not want to be left behind Benefit That too He is very happy to be rebuilding his life. Then J. Lo and Ben first appeared in Italy as a couple, And during the 2021 Med Gala red carpet, the former baseball star He boasted about how good he was in New York, and in the same city Jennifer stole the view of hundreds of photographers from the hands of the “Batman” protagonist.. Do you follow them? We show you the photo that gives it.

When Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet at the Med Gala in New York, Attended the event Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez, decided it was a good time to walk aroundSleepless city “ Consider that He rebuilt his life after falling in love with “Diva Dell” Franks. However, it was very interesting when the former baseball player also decided to move to that city J for MTV Video Music Awards. Lo will be And for the event at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Some began to question whether or not I followed Benibar; Alex Rodriguez Uploaded the photo he gives her.

Will Alex Rodriguez follow Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck to New York?

J. Lo and Ben in Venice. Photo: A.P.

Everything seems to refer to it Alex Rodriguez in New York as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck; Again, As happened in St. Tropez, The three of them are back together in the same city. Is this a coincidence? The The former baseball player shared a series of photos on his Instagram account in which he had the best time with his two daughters Natasha and all.

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My two big loves“, He was seen with his daughters with several photos with the message written by the former player Stroll the streets of New York And through the Yankees ground. These pictures were shared a few hours before JEnnifer Lopez walks the red carpet at the Med Gala. According to fans, the photos are proof that Alex does not need a partner to be happy and wants to show that he is full at this moment in his life.

Photo: Instagram Arrow

If so it is unknown Alex Rodriguez follows Pennifer Or not, yes, there seems to be more events involved Apply And one day they will inevitably meet face to face. When that happens, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck will continue to enjoy his love And this The former baseball player will share more moments with his two daughters.

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