Winner of La Voz Mexico is a victim of a scam | Algebraic

Winner of La Voz Mexico is a victim of a scam |  Algebraic

Mexico City: Fernando Sogo won the “La Voz México” award, in the 2020 edition, by being part of the team of his coach, Christian Nodal, who had all the musical directions.

However, he announced on his social networks that he and his family had fallen victim to a scam and that since December, a redesign had begun in his home, with the 500,000 peso prize he had won on the reality show.

Unfortunately after some time, he and his family were faced with an unpleasant surprise, because the construction company that was responsible for the remodeling project has completely disappeared.

In addition, the young man added that neither the company nor the architect had given him an answer, because they stopped responding to it without giving further details about it.

Fernando Sogo added that a long time has passed without workers and managers returning home to continue rebuilding, which is why he is desperate not to know what happened and that it might all have been a scam.

Additionally, the winner of the aforementioned program via the construction company’s Facbook page betrayed them, by sharing a remodel left incomplete for his home.

The singer asked his followers and the general public for support to give him information if anyone knew the procedures of the construction company, for the opportunity to communicate with them.

Fernando added that he and his family have already gone to search for officials on various occasions, but it seems that they all “disappeared” and unfortunately he no longer has the money he received as a prize in the program, due to the theft he suffered for these people.

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With information from El Heraldo de México

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