With joy and a smile, Jennifer Lopez reappears with Ben Affleck in Miami!

With joy and a smile, Jennifer Lopez reappears with Ben Affleck in Miami!

Penniper is back! Although the proverb goes The second parts are never good, New photos today Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck Together in Miami, the amazing couple continue to enjoy this second opportunity presented to their famous love story.

At the age of 51, the spectacular Latin artist severed his life and rebuilt Alex Rodriguez A flash, leaving the athlete in shock ArodHe tried to get her back after breaking up his engagement with several trips to the Dominican Republic. Jenny from the block Made his last film. Faced with new evidence, the athlete put an end to his story by officially announcing that he was leaving the past.

According to Anglo-Saxon sources, it was at that time Ben Affleck y Zlo Started writing emails, finally reuniting in person in Los Angeles, then spending a few days in Montana, now reappearing in Miami. Arod She was enjoying an evening with a young man, posing next to a smiling blonde. With the new pictures, we can’t stop enjoying the photos of the memory … how much love!

Getty Images

Getty Images

“It would be incredible,” he replied. Matt Damon To the question of what he thought about the overheating of his best friend with beautiful Latina. “I hope this is true and I have a lot of affection for both of them,” he said on the show without hesitation. Today. To make it clear that I am not going to tell secrets Rumors, He clarified with his usual sympathy: “You do not have enough alcohol in the world to get a word from me.”

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