With performances and dance workshops, the work of the Zingara Cultural Space continues

With performances and dance workshops, the work of the Zingara Cultural Space continues

Koehaik. Cultural spaces are among the areas hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why Zingara SpA Dance School is celebrating the slow return of face-to-face activities.

This year Zingara offers a full artistic cultural program. In February and March, there will be free lessons on Latin rhythms, new talks on dance and a performance of “Tomasito y Tomasa” by singer Leila Nets.

“People are so interested in the engravings that we have been very well received, the workshops were face-to-face with their share to the max, as well as the posts and commentary that is back to face-to-face with the art and being there to share with others,” explained Yvonne Legonaguetia, Director of Zingara.

For each of the activities, all measures required by the authority in relation to Covid 19 have been adopted.

Salsa and bachata classes begin in February, face-to-face workshops on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Also on February 19, there will be a storytelling function in the play “Tomasito y Tomasa”, while speaking activities continue in March, after which the narration and writing workshops and the big celebration of the dance troupe begin. Meanwhile, in May contemporary dance continues and then Aike Circus.

Women’s show in the province of Essen

Part of the team recently traveled to Punta Arenas to present the play The Woman of the Aisne Province, a regional project on dance, music, literature, crafts and the audiovisual world. In addition, they presented community workshops, as part of the 5370 Festival, organized by Zur Vértice, a festival that includes contemporary dance works, as well as video and live dance performances. “It’s a great and fun experience and it’s great that they take us into account from other latitudes so we can teach and share our work,” said Ivon Lejonagoitia.

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The Zingara Coyhaique Zingara SpA School of Dance has been active and self-managed for seven years and is a training space in various disciplines and a development platform for various dance professionals and to enhance teacher training. The Zingara team, under the direction of Ivón Lejonagoitia, is programming self-managed activities to preserve this cultural space around dance and they do this by holding classes, dance meetings, extensive rehearsals for regional companies and other regions of the country, and implementing projects (Fondart-Regional Cultural and Social Government) , among other things. Lejonagoitia finally invited them to follow them through their Zingara Coyhaique social network.

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