Xavi reveals what Pep Guardiola told him about the Barcelona crisis and sends a message to Mexican Rafa Marquez

Xavi reveals what Pep Guardiola told him about the Barcelona crisis and sends a message to Mexican Rafa Marquez


Xavi Hernandez He showed his face again after that press conference last Saturday where he announced that he would continue at Barcelona until the end of the season June 30From that date he leaves the club.

He used Xabi Alonso's image to defraud Liverpool, and this is what the club requested after Klopp's departure

Before facing Osasuna in an upcoming match, Xavi He made statements and revealed that he had a conversation with Pep Guardiola And Ernesto ValverdeBoth former Culés coaches.

Xavi said after the match against Villarreal To train Barcelona “It was tough” Due to criticism and the lack of value given to the coach's work. The technician justified his words because “That's how I feel and I always try to express how I feel. “They make you feel like you're worthless.”

In this sense, Terrasa He revealed that it was “something I talked about with Pep (Guardiola) and Ernesto (Valverde).” In case Luis Enrique explained: “I lived it” Since he was Barcelona captain.

Both Guardiola and Valverde have shared the idea at times “They make you feel worthless”He said Xavi About the conversation he had with both technicians.

-Other phrases from the conference-


He added: “After my announcement, I think it's time for unity. These are not easy times and we need the unity of Barcelona fans more than ever. The fans did not let us down. I appreciate the support after my announcement. The reaction is amazing. And also from the dressing room, from Affection, love, unity… We are united with the president. The season is not over yet. We want to do it well. It is a rock competitor, with direct football, Arrasate is doing very well. It is a team with spirit. We must be united to finish the season in The highest possible level.”

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“It's mentality and football. You have to attack more, be more organised… Everything causes a decrease in confidence, a decrease in individual performance. The psychological state comes because on a sporting level we are not well. The decision has already been made. Our work is not appreciated.” “With good grades. We have come at one of the most difficult times. I made my decision months ago.”

the changes

“It could have changed the results. We have been let down this season, but we can still make it good, and we have two titles to go. We are 11 points away from La Liga and we want to compete in the Champions League. It generates wear and tear when you see that you are not appreciated.


“We need a reaction. We need more enthusiasm for next season, I think like Kole. The priority is to finish well. Think of the Barcelona fan, the president, Deco… The project continues. It's the best decision. “We need a reaction “


“I always feel appreciated by him. And grateful. Because of the opportunity, the trust… He told me no. But not for power. Not everything is appreciated. Not from within. That's why I decided.”


He added: “The reaction is that I should not leave… It is a bad decision. I understand that there are people who do not understand me. I receive affection and appreciation…the fans, the players, the president…I feel so loved and that is priceless. I think we did a good job, but this season we didn't rise to the occasion. We've come so far. “The foundations have been laid for the future, for the next coach.”

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Barcelona coach

“It's cruel and unpleasant. It makes you feel worthless every day. Pep already told me, 'Valverde, I saw Luis Enrique suffering, we have a problem with requests. It's not fun… You're risking your life every moment.'” It's cruel. “


“It's been a long time in the making. The feeling is from the beginning of the season.”


“It's the most responsible party. We have a lot at stake: to do the best we can in LaLiga. I'm very excited. That's what I told the footballers. 'I will give an extra amount to continue this work.'

Rafa Marquez

“He is a friend. Maybe his words were taken out of context or he expressed himself poorly. He is preparing to be Barcelona coach. It is legal.”

The Mexican applied for the job with this phrase: “You can't say no to an opportunity like this. If that time comes I will try to be available and try to do my best.”


“Andreas is making a great effort, and we are managing the minutes. He will be available, but he will play less. Inigo, for the next one. Ter Stegen, on the day of Granada.”


“The wear and tear has nothing to do with the economic situation. I have been a man for the club and I will remain so until the end. We have adapted to the circumstances. I think a very good job has been done. I have a clear conscience. I have given priority to the club before myself. You told me I made 200 excuses, and vice versa.” True. “I have adapted to the circumstances and difficulties.”

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“I did what I felt like. There are many positive things, but one of them is providing opportunity for young people.”


“When I showed up here, I always said what I was thinking. If I said we were under construction, you would kill me. If I said we didn't have the Barcelona of 2010, there were also criticisms. No matter what I do, there are critics. They don't buy anything from me. Not winning La Liga by a margin 14 points from Real Madrid, nor winning the Super Cup, nor with the team… It is a matter related to the environment, the club, the demands and myself… hence my feeling of leaving.”

Closed rooms

“I will not say what they told me. The footballer will react. I think this is the best decision.”


“I wouldn't rule out a return. The club will have me when they need me. I had that in mind at the start of the season.”


“Everyone has supported me internally. The president has shown me confidence at all times. “We have a great president.”

Advice for your convenience

“The same thing will happen to you. That's a problem. I would tell you to be normal and not be affected. My dream was to coach Barcelona, ​​win and play good football. I am proud and with a clear conscience. I believed until the end. My advice to my successor is to enjoy it, but this impossible”.

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