Xavier Becerra to testify before the Senate as Biden’s candidate for Health Secretary – Telemundo Las Vegas

Xavier Becerra to testify before the Senate as Biden’s candidate for Health Secretary – Telemundo Las Vegas

Washington – California attorney Xavier Becera is expected to testify before the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Work and Pensions (Help (About his abbreviation in English) this Tuesday at 10 am, as a candidate for Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. He is expected to attend in person, according to NBC News reports.

In his keynote address, Becera, who if confirmed will be the first Hispanic to lead the agency, will confirm his upbringing as the son of a Mexican immigrant. “I am here because my parents, Manuel and Maria Theresa, who were only healthy and hopeful when they settled in Sacramento, were unfailingly believers in winning the American Dream.”

Becca, who has been criticized by Republicans who questioned his qualifications and experiences, will tell senators about his work as a California attorney general: “I created the Healthcare Rights and Access Unit and cracked down on Medicare and Medicaid fraud. I worked to protect people’s health, hold opioid manufacturers accountable. On the addiction crisis, it has succeeded in dealing with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that have raised prices unfairly for patients. “

Link to Becera’s opening statement.

The main concern, according to the assistant to the Republic Commission (Help), The thing isMr. Becerra is the least qualified candidate for secretary in HHS history. This is worrying because: First, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, where the HHS Secretary will play a significant role. Second, because HHS is an unusually large and complex federal agency. It has one of the largest annual budgets in the federal government with more than $ 1 trillion per year and also oversees 11 operating divisions, including the CDC, FDA, CMS, NIH, 16 employee divisions, and several regional offices. Mr. Becera simply does not have the experience that would properly prepare him for this role at this critical time. “

The Tuesday session will take about two to two and a half hours, according to the committee.

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The Finance Committee will hear Becera’s speech on Wednesday, and only that committee will vote on his candidacy.

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