‘La Chilindrina’ denies he is in critical condition after testing positive for COVID-19 | people | entertainment

‘La Chilindrina’ denies he is in critical condition after testing positive for COVID-19 |  people |  entertainment

Maria Antonietta de las Nieves contracted the virus on December 29 at the age of 71. And he confirmed in a live video that he is recovering from the disease.

Mexican actress recently Marie Antoinette from the snow, who is best known for her character as La Chilindrina in El Chavo del 8, revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 a statement on his Instagram account. The beloved 71-year-old artist, in addition to announcing her infection on Wednesday, December 29, took advantage of social media to deny the alleged rumors she had seen circulating about her health, this time via a video clip.

In the post, he said he is in good spirits and is dealing with some minor effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the coronavirus disease. Rather, he confirmed that he is getting better with the passage of days. The artist confirmed: “I am making this video for you to see that I am fine and not in a bad health condition, as they mentioned on some websites.”

The septuagenarian star also addressed rumors about her condition. “I don’t know where the gossip that I was dying came from, that I was seriously ill from COVID… That’s right, I’ve had COVID, but it depends on how you feel and depending on how you think about it, how you are going to have one.”

“If you think you’re going to be serious, you’re going to be serious. On the other hand, I’ve always been very positive, so I’m pretty good.” She added that she had a cold, but nothing more. “The only thing I have is a little flu, let’s say, I didn’t feel any discomfort, I didn’t get anything, so thanks to the press for being aware of me, thanks to my family. The family doesn’t worry, they still had an old lady for many years.”

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In addition to being in good spirits, the actress wished her followers a happy 2022 and shared a photo with Santa Claus’s hat and her three pets on her nets. Next to the photo, he wrote: “Happy New Year 2022, we wish you Cocoa, Chulli, Chilindrina and Yu.”

His fans wished him success in this New Year, and also wished him good feelings for a speedy recovery.

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