Yeri Mina talks about his beginnings, Barcelona, ​​Everton, Colombia, James Rodriguez | Colombians are abroad

Yeri Mina talks about his beginnings, Barcelona, ​​Everton, Colombia, James Rodriguez |  Colombians are abroad

Yeri Mina at the age of 26 wore the jersey of great teams like Santa Fe, Palmeiras, Barcelona and Everton. With his presence in England, the Guachené-born defender, Cauca has become a staple of Carlo Ancelotti in defense and attack, and his sheer size and ability to take the ball has allowed him to be crucial in clubs and the national team. , Which makes him a world-famous player.

Taking advantage of his singles good moment in tofu service, the defender spoke with British mediator Talk Sports and recalled his football career, his beginnings and his time at Barcelona, ​​the Colombian national team and Everton. Friend and colleague of James Rodriguez.

the beginning

“Back to the start for me, at home, in Colombia, when I was a kid, getting training was hard. We had to walk or take the bus or get on the back of the truck with a trailer behind it that could carry sand or all sorts of things, without the driver knowing“.

“it was hard. Things were difficult. But what I always say is that those tough times made me really strong, and that is something I can be proud and happy about today. I think what you did and how you spent those moments, like many Colombian footballers, inspires us. “

Not a day goes by that I do not wake up and think about my family and the sacrifices they made to try to help me become a professional soccer player. When I think of that family, this is an extra level of inspiration that I get from those difficult times. “

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It was an amazing moment, which made history as the first Colombian to play for Barcelona. Football, like life, gives you many ups and downs. It was a huge success when I signed for Barcelona. But for one reason or another, things just didn’t work out. I didn’t get the playing time I needed. “

“Your faith helps you in those difficult times. I was so sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to prove myself and play that much. So find ways to never give up, persevere, train hard, and push yourself. Sometimes there is no clear explanation as to why things don’t work, they simply don’t work. “

“You get to the point where you want to play regularly and are looking for a way out. Fortunately Everton gave me the opportunity to do that and now I’m really focused and positive. ” Flour.

Colombia national team – World Cup 2018 Russia

It was a great tournament for me (World Cup Russia 2018). The spirit of never giving up took hold in that tournament, and I didn’t start the first match, but in a way that propelled and inspired me even more to show my inner strength. So when I participated in the second match and the rest of the tournament, I had the opportunity to prove myself. “

“It was a very emotional match against England. I think we showed in that tournament, and in that game, that we have players who can make a difference. Players like Cuadrado and others, it was a great team.”

I got to Everton and didn’t know any English, but my agent taught me a phrase to say to Jordan Pickford, maybe to fix things when we met.. It was, “Hey Gordon, we’re together now!” So it was a nice little moment when I met Jordan, he realized it. I am happy to share his dressing room with him now, instead of being his opponent. “

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Everton – James Rodriguez

“(Everton) we work hard to achieve the same goals together as a group and a team. Every week and every day, we grow to understand each other better and that is really important. We really focus on what the coach wants us to do. In my case, it’s about doing my duty for the cause, and fortunately, for now, things seem to be going well.“.

It’s great that James is here with us now. I knew him before and now he’s my brother, both on and off the field, personally and with my game.. He is a superior man. we are very happy. Happier than ever. Here is a great family and we are very close. “

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