“You should roast the Truffle to the fullest and go to everything”

“You should roast the Truffle to the fullest and go to everything”

Trouville beat Aurondi Universitario in good fashion with a score of 75-59, judging the series in his 3-1 favor and becoming the first finalist in the Uruguayan League. Once the match was over, Leonardo Mainoldi spoke to Total Basketball.

Leonardo began to express the first emotions after the victory: “We are really happy with the work the team did. We played a good third game that day and were able to get what we wanted and defend better and avoid high scores and from there we work on the match. Sometimes we couldn’t keep the advantages because the opponent also plays and makes It’s tough for you, but we knew we had to keep working. We were just winners, and I think we’ve achieved something historic for the club by reaching the Final and we’re very happy with that. “

Truffle has shown throughout the season to be an over-the-top team and in this case they were no exception: “The ability of the whole team to contribute and not rely so much at times on what Fede (Mariani), who is our scorer, or Damián (Tintorelli) in the low corner is definitely good, because it makes the team more difficult to defend. Today we all responded, Manu (Mayura), Alex (Lopez), Gonzalo (Iglesias) and Vidy (Soto) who came up with a shoulder problem and sacrificed himself for the team. It was a wonderful teamwork, everyone did their own work and we won a very important victory. “

Tell Coco how to live the “bubble” experience and how it feels: “It’s something new for everyone, strange. Today because of a health problem is the only way to play the tournament and you have to adapt. One is used to staying in hotels and tours due to the Argentine League but you have the possibility to go out or visit friends or family, we are here in the hotel 24 hours a day and go out alone To the field for training. On an individual level, I feel better every time, I have had a backache, but luckily it happened and as the matches go by, I feel better every time. Now we have to rest and have a few days to start preparing for the finals. The finals don’t happen every day and we have to enjoy them. We go for everything, we want to get the title. “

Reid is waiting for a competitor, who will meet him next Tuesday. About that, Leonardo said: “No matter which competitors we have to face, we know it will be very difficult. Aguada and Nacional both have things to attack, which they are not doing well at all and we have to go there. And also we, there are aspects that need to be improved and corrected. It will be beautiful endings,” Truffle should roast to the fullest and go to everything. “

About his possible continuation of Truville, Menoldi was clear: “Even though nothing is closed, there are advanced things to play in the Argentine League. I have no discussion with Truffle regarding my continuation so I will return to Argentina as soon as we finish here. Today I only think about the finals with Truville. I feel very comfortable here, it is The coaching staff, the managers and my co-workers have always made me feel very good here and I want to enjoy this. “

Finally, the man from Cañada Gómez left a message to the fans: “To the people of Truville to thank you, despite your inability to go to the field, you send us your support via social networks. They need to know that the team will leave everything in the finals, and keep calm that regardless of the final result, the team will leave everything to get For this title. “

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