Rockets’ Morey says he would sign Ray Allen to 10-day contract

Daryl Morey of the Rockets wants to lure Ray Allen out of retirement.

He got game… still, according to Daryl Morey.

Ray Allen is 43 years old and retired as a player in 2016, though his name has continued to come up in regard to him potentially making comeback.

Three year’s after Allen officially retired, nothing’s changed, according to Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets.

“He’s my white whale. Since he walked away from the game, he’s acted like me might want to come back through his agent many times,” Morey said on The Rich Eisen Show on Feb. 21.

“He’s famously hard to reach,” Morey continued. “His own agent can’t communicate with him half the time and so I’ve been chasing him for a while.”

Here’s the clip of the exchange between Eisen and Morey, which begins 15:45 into the interview:

As mentioned above, nothing’s changed for Morey.

“He’s perfect for our system and he keeps himself in unbelievable shape. People thought that [my tweet about wanting to sign him] was a joke. That’s not a joke.

“I will sign Ray Allen to a 10-day (contract) tomorrow or today if he wants in… and probably a bigger contract actually. But a 10-day for sure.”

Morey then turned and looked directly at the camera.

“Ray Allen, you know we’ve been obsessively chasing you for years. We think you’re perfect for our system,” he said. “Come to the Houston Rockets, win another championship.

“It’s time.”

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