Aeromexico. Redesign the airspace without reducing flight time

Aeromexico.  Redesign the airspace without reducing flight time

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although Federal government pointed out that with Redesigning the Valley of Mexico’s airspace, airlines will save 16 percent on flight time and oil consumption (jet fuel), Grupo Aeroméxico revealed The promised reduction did not materialize.

“No, we haven’t seen that either (reduced jet fuel consumption). We didn’t particularly notice a difference from previous numbers for the pandemic. We didn’t see the savings either.” Juan Carlos Gonzalez Curzio, Aviation Safety Director of the airline.

The manager said that with changes in flights and methods, some have been improved, while others have created a greater distance

at that time Secretariat of Communications and Transport Infrastructure (SITC) He announced that one of the advantages of redesigning the airspace would be a 16 percent reduction in airlines’ flight time and as a result of fuel savings.

On the other hand, the chief Pilots College of Pilots of Mexico (CPAM), Heriberto Salazar It revealed that various risks were found in the redesign of the Vale de México airspace, which should be mitigated.

Salazar He mentioned that in order to reduce these negative aspects, the operational capacity of Mexico City International Airport, Toluca and Santa Lucia.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez CurzioAviation Safety Manager Aeromexico Group, reported that at the beginning of this re-design of the airspace of Valley of MexicoOr they have an increase in lost styles, but over time, that number has stabilized back to what it was in the past.


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