Technical tie between Guillermo Laso and Yaco Perez is nuanced in the provinces | Politics | News

Technical tie between Guillermo Laso and Yaco Perez is nuanced in the provinces |  Politics |  News

The first-round election tally shows that the Lasso profited in the larger counties and swept Perez in the smaller counties.

It is an unprecedented election. The state’s view was not limited to the winner, but on the candidates who would occupy the second and third places. According to the official count, Guillermo Lasso has an advantage over Yaku Pérez with nearly 33,000 votes (Capuel Stadium half full), in a list of 13 million voters.

While the technical tie is evident in the overall score, there are significant differences within the provinces. Taking into account only the votes of these two candidates, figures released by the National Electoral Council show that Perez won in 16 provinces and Lasso in 8, while the parity remained at 2.

What explains the fact that despite the great difference in the number of victories at the provincial level, the draw takes place at the national level? The answer is simple. Perez prevailed in the provinces with few electors, while the Lasso took advantage of the larger counties.

Here is an example. Destroyed Perez Laso in Cotopaxi, Bolivar, Canar, Sucumbios, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchibi. There was a 4 to 1 difference in favor of the Aboriginal Leader. That means he gets 265,000 more votes than his opponent.

On the other hand, Lasso did not have such crushing victories over his direct rival. The best results were obtained in Guayas, Manabe and Galapagos, with a difference of 7 to 3 in favor of the banker. However, considering only the Guayas’ votes, Laso obtained 370,000 more votes than Perez.

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The electoral map shows that Perez is sovereign in the Sierra Centro, Astro and the Amazon; And Lasso on the coast.

It was the latest district findings that fueled the Indigenous leader’s suspicions about the alleged fraud. In his first public interventions, he denounced a loss in those provinces.

After these statements, the original movement announced mobilization. Tensions subsided after Laso agreed to open a dialogue that ended Friday with an agreement to recount all votes for Guayas and 50% of 16 provinces.

The National Electoral Council still establishes regulations to find out, among other things, which provinces the count will be conducted and under which mechanism for selecting records. It is unofficially known that the provinces of Sahel and Sierra will enter this process. The last word will be the plenary session of the National Elections Council. (I am)

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