Andrade confirms his arrival at AAA and challenges Kenny Omega in Triplemanía

Andrade confirms his arrival at AAA and challenges Kenny Omega in Triplemanía

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Just a day after he shared the bottom card for Wrestling Federation, Mexican Andrade The wrestling world was surprised by it Confirm your access to AAA.

It was on a lightning bolt King of kings In which the video appeared Andrade Announcing his foray into Three times excellent He immediately launched two challenges.

Former wrestler L. WWE And the World Wrestling Council He said he wanted to face Psycho clown And an even bigger challenge, grabbing AA Mega Championship Canadians Kenny Omega In the next release of Triplimania.

“I am 30 years old and I do not want to sit down, I have a talent and I want to use it and fight wherever I want. AAA is my goal And I have two things in my eye: I want to face you as a clown myselfBut another time because my first goal Is to be an AAA champion“, He said.

“But that tournament is owned by Kennedy and it is king Mexico. Kenny OmegaI challenge you for it AAA mega tournament, But let’s make it more important: Andrade Idol against Kenny Omega On TriplimaniaHe was sentenced.

Sam Adonis, Puma King and Blue Diamond wreak havoc

Star battle King of kings, With Sam Adonis y Chessman Confrontation Pagano s Psycho clown He was interrupted when two wrestlers seemed to destroy everything and everyone.

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The surprise came when they revealed their identities: Puma King s the blue Diamond Send a clear message: The company Arrived to AAAFaction promises to cause chaos.

Previous of World Wrestling Council He explained that he partnered with Sam AdonisThey will destroy everyone who comes before them.

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