Artists at the forefront of Maman’s Space

Artists at the forefront of Maman’s Space

As if a year and a half of the monastery left no consequences, it opened with a grand celebration go to work, and the new sample that Maman Fine Arts continues to celebrate its anniversary. A few months ago, the exhibition presented great artists who passed through there, such as Romulo Makio And Alberto Greco. Now, on the way to the National Museum of Fine Arts, displays View all artists of the past decades. It is curated by Patricia Pacino and presents dialogue between eleven brilliant creators, including some such masters of history as Alicia Benalba And Marcia Schwarz, In addition to the novelty, complexes Barbara Ten, until last Tuesday, known only as the wedding planner and ex-wife Horacio Rodriguez Laretta. His presence, accompanied by his works, was the center of social interest in varnishing last Tuesday.

Live on the pier, in Libertador, during the opening.

From the Street, Masterpieces: Small Pieces of Sanjuana Alicia Benalba. In the skies of Argentine art, these sculptures are metallic freaks that have found their aesthetic form, fragments of skeletons (do whales have a cervix?), Ionic fossils made by Penalba’s hand. Besides, a close-up profile Marcia Schwarz; behind, The extraordinary curtain for Monica MilanAnd Unconquered flowers in a vaseMade from scraps of street blankets, the standout piece echo, from Monica Van Asperen.

But there are creators of all generations. On the left wall, two large paintings of Cynthia Cohenflat facing statues Karina El AzemMade of ammo and beads. The actress attended the party dressed in white.

Among these hands in action, we said, is the work of Monica Milan, with important pieces. His textile work – four in all – is one of the high points of the exhibition: at least that’s what the curator commented on. Maria Theresa Constantin While I was walking around in it, discreet and I know between nice people Which filled the fair, select glasses in hand and disco music under the 80s Millán combines embroidery with collages of dyed fabricsPatchwork with crochet fabric, ribbons and lace embroidery. For two decades, Milan has been working with a town of weavers in Paraguay, in order to prove this ancestral working style.

NoshiIn the meantime, he presents works made of little venecitas, full of humor (never unrelenting hose, unequal fight between pets), while Nora Iniesta Presents a selection of his works, The Art of Souvenirs.

Sector Nora Iniesta.

Sector Nora Iniesta.

Monica Van Asperen This time it appeals to chrome metal in contrast to the blown glass and illuminated mirrors in a cool, dramatic contrast. In addition to the exquisite light sculpture at the entrance, it is also a photographic record of movement with four teenagers on uneven metal platforms, emphasizing the flexible volume of the body.

In an interview with Iniesta, goals Barbara TenWhich he’s been doing for some time Collage photos based on your family albums. Recall excerpts from your grandmother’s comic magazines and art books. The pieces on display were made during the confinement – and the ban on celebrating weddings – which was in effect due to the pandemic.

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For those who missed the previous sample and want to climb onto the mezzanine, Pacino save a few more months Pictures of Alberto Greco’s performance in Pedralaves, Spain, which, in its austere and black-and-white look, seemed the inverted version of the ground-floor’s multicolored and sophisticated bustle.

Mosque German Esteban He greeted the artists and friends present, and did not stop taking pictures in front of the works.

Paper: “Hands-On Work”, at Maman Fine Arts, Participation in Museums Night.

Curated by Patricia Pacino, with works by Alicia Penalba, Catalina Chervin, Nora Iniesta, Marcia Schwarz, Nucci Montapsky, Karina Resolve, Monica Van Asperen, Monica Milan, Cynthia Cohen and Barbara Diez.

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