At Cambiemos they never understood how science works

At Cambiemos they never understood how science works

Continuing his explanation, Petta asserted that “the post-traumatic stress that he experienced after the alliance, lived through the years of the Kirchnerism”, because “Kirchenrianism gave more importance to science, in words.”

However, Peta explained, “a very strong decline began, in 2008, 2009, and no one dared to say that there were problems within the system, because there was that debt to Father Nestor.” In this sense, and according to what the scientist has reported, “Macari arrives, and finds a country that was in a deplorable situation, which he unfortunately did not say.”

“He finds himself with Konisette where he entered a thousand researchers the previous year, which is a ridiculous number for the budget we have,” Peta said, adding, “With our salary reordering that Christina Kirchner signed on the day she left.”

Delving into Conicet’s position, Beta insisted that “if you add to this spice that upon the arrival of Nestor Kirchner he gives great importance to science – at least rhetorically – and at the same time there is a growth of scholars and scholarship holders. turn against your father.”

Beta criticized the Cambiemos government, and claimed that “In Cambiemos they never understood how Conicet works” And that “Kirchenria don’t do that either, but let’s change he said ‘It worked so well, we’ll leave it in the same hands.'” “

“Let’s change. We took many measures, but it’s like taking science as something outside the economy, as a gem that was there. Apparently, Kirchen coped with the matter well, they didn’t understand it much and left everything as it is,” he concluded.

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