Bancamía introduced the virtual financial education space for small entrepreneurs

Bancamía introduced the virtual financial education space for small entrepreneurs

Lina Vargas Vega – [email protected]

bankam, an entity led by Miguel Angel Charia Livano, has launched a virtual financial education platform for micro-entrepreneurs, clients and non-bank clients, called We Make Their Progress, which they can access for free from anywhere they have an internet connection. .

The entity’s new tool offers content in different learning modules in formats such as videos, graphs, audios and short readings, with practical exercises to make learning more convenient for small entrepreneurs, who will be able to navigate four thematic axes: Financial Education, Digital Education: Your Business in the World Digital, Business Empowerment and Skills Strengthening.

bankam It also seeks to keep pace with business growth, offering content to generate capabilities in digital issues as critical to keeping small businesses alive, through online purchases and sales, marketing on social networks and supplier management in a virtual world, among other skills that will open their minds to the importance of technology in their production unit.

There are already many published content that has been accessed in a few days by about 300 micro-entrepreneurs, and 56% of the bank’s clients such as Maria Isabel Hurtado, an entrepreneur from Itagui (Antioquia), which, due to constant restrictions, had to He handed her the place of sale of devices, but he began to test in the digital world as he opened his marketing page on social networks, not having much knowledge about it.

“When a consultant told me about the new platform, what I loved the most was seeing me there as they taught me how to transition to virtualization which is very friendly, dynamic and free. It helped me stand out without fear of new technologies,” says the entrepreneur.

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A very important thing about the pedagogy that the platform uses is that the modules are designed by segments, according to the knowledge and development of people’s business, because they are not all at the same level, that is, they will be able to start as competitors, to pass on perseverance, prosperity and access to empowerment.

Through ‘We facilitate your progress’, we also want to enhance the business skills of clients and the community, with topics such as payroll, principles of accounting, team management, effective communication, business control, and give very important scope to small rural enterprises in the framework of the portal evolution, in order to obtain On content about crop expansion and rotation, agro-industrial technologies, production chains and measures to adapt to climate change in a few months,” explains Viviana Arak, Vice President Productive Development for Clients.

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