Chilean woman shines in USA college basketball – Revista El Agora

Chilean woman shines in USA college basketball – Revista El Agora

Citizen Isabel Gonzalez Fuentes has been recruited and awarded a scholarship by the University of Illinois in the United States and will advocate at the University of Illinois in that country for the “Flame” quintet, the home of North American graduate studies.


Basketball player and national team Isabel Gonzalez Fuentes will become the first Chilean to compete in the US college basketball leagueAfter she was recruited by the University of Illinois who awarded her a three-year athletic scholarship. The featured player will also begin her nursing studies at the said institution.

Other national players have already played in the minor divisions of that college sport in the United States, but this time it will be the Chilean basketball maker’s first appearance in the major league.

Isabel, who resides in that country, previously taught for two years at Connors State College, where she flew for the team’s colors under coach Jamie Fisher. Now, the architect of his access to the NCAA (National Athletics Association) was outstanding coach Tim Valentine. He is currently visiting Chile and will return to the northern country within the month.

unfolded axis Proud to “fulfill the dream of playing in a country where I play the best basketball on the planet. This motivates me to continue working hard in academia and sports”, He said.

Isabel Gonzalez Fuentes.

The 23-year-old is 1.85 meters tall He will be joining the University of Illinois team known as “Flames”Which will compete in the university championship, which will start next November.

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In a brief review of his career, already at the age of 13, Gonzalez was distinguished by his brilliant conditions at the national school tournaments. He also excelled in the South American Championships held in Peru and Colombia. At the Federation level, she won titles in national championships, for minors and adults, which earned her the possibility of becoming a national team.

The basketball player confirmed that her achievements were possible thanks to the support she received from her family as well as from coach Eduardo Miranda, “who stood by me through thick and thin,” she said.

When we received the acceptance letter I couldn’t believe it. I will be the first to reach this level at home and enroll in TOP 25‘, she declared excitedly through her social networks.

“I had many offers from D2 or D3, but what I dreamed of was being on D1 and I could say this: I d1 (largest division of American college basketball).”

It’s unbelievable what can be achieved with effort and dedicationFinally, he expressed his hope for a distinguished career in that nation.

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