Best science fiction movies

Best science fiction movies

Today’s science fiction films are the part of the genre that has the greatest potential and the part that is exploited in the most detailed and profound way. from Dune by Frank Herbert, which arrived as one of the year’s greatest productions, until EnterpriseThe much-anticipated Apple TV+ series.

the odds big futuristic themes and related to man according to the flourishing technology.

Which, of course, also makes it one of the most difficult types to be widely understood. To make it easy, but above all easy to get to, we leave you a roadmap through which movies and series you must watch, a graph You can check here. Which ones you haven’t seen and which ones should be added to your list in the future. Follow this tour and take your sci-fi experience to a new level:

Where do you see the best science fiction movies?

(movie title Leads directly to the streaming service where available).

cruel science fiction

They include deep space travel, human relationships with artificial intelligence, life on other planets, and survival outside our world. We can also add puzzles about identity vs. History changes, time travel, cloning, dystopia and utopia about the distant future.

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