Borregos Pool: avant-garde swimming space مساحة

Borregos Pool: avant-garde swimming space مساحة

The Borregos Monterey from swimming They will compete and train in a world class rally.

located in Wellness Center, The porgos pool It meets the highest standards required in the pool, an electronic touch marking system, care and treatment with water and temperature, and a large screen for instant reflection of results, among other aspects.

All this equipment makes it one of the best swimming pools in the country, I can say it is the best, but it is one of the best”, stated Mauricio Campos Egoya, coach of Borrejos de Natachion.

Since the end of May, the team has already been testing pool in a trial training session, and since the beginning of the face-to-face activities it has been training more regularly.

porgos pool

The pool measures 25 x 25 metres, and is divided into eight 2.5-meter lanes plus two others that serve to avoid turbulence in the water.

Measurements are official maracas by International Swimming Federation (FINA), The Mexican Swimming Federation and the CONADE.

It is a semi-olympic swimming pool with a depth of 2 meters to 1.60 meters, a capacity of 350 spectators, very spaciousCampos explained.

The coach said that the water temperature between 26 and 29 degrees is suitable for training, competitions and classes.

In addition, her candidacy depends on UV (UV) with a chlorination system and an acid that only uses it when the PH is low, Campos explained.

When the pH requires it, it enters the chlorination system. This means that it uses very little chlorine and acid, and all the work is done by the ultraviolet chlorination system.‘, he announced.

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ready to compete

The beginning of eight banks, Mark Martha poolsThe trainer commented that they are modern and are found in the best swimming pools in the world.

It is also equipped with the brand’s electronic timing system Colorado, connected to the starting banks.

This system contains eight touch screen interaction panels with led light, and serves to determine the exit of the swimmers, as well as the moment they reach the finish line.

Interaction boards are also seen in high-level competitions such as the World Championships and Olympic Games..

What these panels do is that if the swimmer advances to the exit, that indicates his progress toward the computer system نظام‘ the coach explained.

All connected to the computer system and device Screen 5.12 x 2.88 mWhere the results can be displayed immediately after the end of the competition.

The facility also has changing rooms for the team, both men and women, as well as students taking swimming lessons in the pool.

porgos pool
The swimming team on the University of Monterey campus after training at the Borregos Pool.

There are currently 24 members in the swimming team Borregos Monterey.

For them, these types of facilities are an incentive to maintain their competitive level.

Looks like you’re training in a global competition group. I’ve had the experience of participating in a world university championship and the truth is that this complex does not lack anything’,” reported Laura Arroyo, one of the cast members.

Our motivation and responsibility to continue to place the Tec name in a very high positionStudent added from Business and Strategy Management.

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The wellness center will open next August of this year and on display on June 16th.

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