Camila Shane is back on the radio, in the space of “Kaligiando” – Cinema and TV – Culture

Camila Shane is back on the radio, in the space of “Kaligiando” – Cinema and TV – Culture

Among the contracts with Caracol for this year is Barranquilla Camila Chaín, which since January 12th has been part of the team. Caligiando, Humor and music program Radio Blu.

Shane is at the workbench Monday through Friday, 6-10 a.m., with Shirley Gomez, Lucillo Flowers, Boyacuman, Perrata Morgan, Carlos Giraldo and Diana Medina.

“Radio is my passion and communicating with people is my best motivation. I am excited to accompany so many people.”Shane said about this return to a medium in which she is identified.

However, when he studied social media in his native Barranquilla, he thought what he is doing is photography.

“I am on the radio by pure coincidence. The first thing I did was when I was in the third semester, at the Édgar Perea radio station, covering the elections. I liked it so much, but I told myself that I am free and that the radio will surround me in four walls, that things are not going there,” He told the newspaper some time ago.

“In 2000, I remember, one day I came into class and it was raining heavily. Radio teacher, Walter Burnett, who had already passed away, told us the two of us when we got into the room: I was looking for them because there is a big radio station that needs broadcasters. I replied I didn’t want it, but he challenged me to go, to see what was going to happen, and they hired me. The truth is, I fell in love with this very beautiful medium in which everything flows. Colombia is still very much a radio. ”

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He has worked at La W, among other stations, and two years ago returned to Barranquilla, where he married Kelly Barrios and presented programs on the regional channel Telecaribe.

In 2018, the book also launched Love of all colors, Where he talks about his homosexuality, “a testament to why a person is the way he is, so that they understand it, so that they know that one embraces like others,” he said.

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