Can’t stand some sounds? Science knows why

Can’t stand some sounds?  Science knows why

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According to American scientists, intolerance to sounds such as a person eating and some other sounds that people make in daily life can be caused by an overactivity of the mirror neuron system.

Trigger for people with Mesophonia – Which means disliking the voice – is usually the verbal sounds: for a person chewing, breathing or speaking, that is, associated with the activity of the mouth or throat.

Misophonia can trigger strong physical or emotional reactions that others may consider exaggerating. The reaction can range from a mild feeling of disgust and anxiety to panic and a desire to leave the situation. he thinks that It affects between 6% and 20% of people.

Until now, misophony was considered a disorder of acoustic processing. However, the new study suggests that there is a type of Abnormal connection Between the auditory cortex and areas of the ventral motor frontal cortex responsible for facial, mouth and throat movement.

“Our results indicate that people with mesophony have an abnormal connection between the auditory and motor regions of the brain, which can be described as a highly sensitive connection,” said Dr. Sukhbinder Kumar from the University of Newcastle.

It is the first time that such a link has been recognized in the brain of this disease, he added.

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Moreover, the scientists found a similar connection pattern between the visual and motor areas. This is Misophonia can also be stimulated by something visible.

“This led us to believe that this connection activates something called the ‘mirror system’, which helps us process the movements that other individuals make by activating our brains in a similar way, as if we were doing this on our own,” Kumar said.

These neurons are responsible for learning faster through imitation, especially in the early stages of life. The alteration of mirror neurons is a possible cause of some neurological disorders, such as those found on the autism spectrum.

Scientists believe that although the activation of motor neurons does not cause people with misophony to start chewing or swallowing, it does cause them to experience discomfort, and may be related to a change in their sense of control over the body.

One Ear - Sputnik World, 1920, 01/16/2021

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Dr. Kumar says that some people suffer from misophony It can reduce your symptoms by mimicking the movement the sound generatesThis may help restore a sense of control.

He concluded, “Using this knowledge could help us develop new treatments for people with this disease.”

studying It has been published In the Journal of Neuroscience.

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