“Cebu” Ginobili is no longer the institute’s coach

“Cebu” Ginobili is no longer the institute’s coach

Sebastian Ginobili He is no longer a coach Institute. Cebu met the leaders at the Buenos Aires Hotel after Gloria’s participation in the Super 20 Final Four ended.

“It was by mutual agreement,” he said. Scientist d Juan Manuel Cavagliato, the club’s strongest basketball player.

Gustavo Perrone, one of Ginobelli’s aides, will be in charge of the team’s leadership on Monday, at the age of 19, when he faces Platenci in Buenos Aires.

The official statement of the institute

The institute’s basketball subcommittee reports that Sebastian Ginobili is no longer the white-haired coach.

The club thanks you for your professionalism, dedication and quality as a person.

What will happen

On Thursday, the institute will face the second window of the Fiba Championship and the new coaching staff is expected to already be appointed. Play with local Minas, on Sunday 7; And with flamingo one day later

What happened on Saturday

Instoto fell 76-71 to Opras and closed their participation in the fourth final of the Super 20 of the National Basketball Association with three defeats in three matches. La Gloria had already lost to Kimsa on Thursday and against San Martin on Friday, so they had no chance to fight for the title. His goal was third, which he also couldn’t get. Institoto will play again next Monday at 19 o’clock, when it faces Platenci in the National Basketball Association.

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