Cruise Azul’s title is Famous Players Who Can’t End Drought

Cruise Azul’s title is Famous Players Who Can’t End Drought

Cruz Azul was 23 and without titles for a year and a half, with the best players at the time marching through the company, unable to give him the joy of a championship

Cruz Azul has had many famous players since the 1997 Winter Championship. ESPN Digital The unnamed 23 1/2 year old has 23 best footballers who failed to break malaria.

Caesar Delcado

‘Celito’ came to Noria in 2003 for Aberdera and immediately fell in love with the fans for his fantastic game. Aberdeen remained with the Argentine machine until 2007, without leading the Cement team to the final.

Marcelo Delcado placeholder image

The Olympic champion, Argentina’s league and three Libertadores trophies were the introductory letters when Aberdera signed Cruz Azul in 2003. However, he was only in three matches with the sky. It was released after Aberdura 2004.

Christian Kimines

‘Sacco’ had the Copa Libertadores with the Boca Juniors, when it came to the engine for a Liga MX 2010 Byzantine with South American and Pachuka. Kimenes spent seven years at the Air Force, with which he played the result of the 2013 Clasura against the United States.

Emmanuel Villa

‘Tito’ Villa was a scoring champion in Aberdera in 2009, his first match with Cruz Azul, in which he played in the final against Monterrey. Argentina attack Clasura leaves cement company for 2012

Gerardo Torado

The machine sent Dorado back to Aberdera in 2005, in which he reached the skies from Racing de Santander of Spain. Mexican midfielder Clausura was on the Sky Blue team until 2016, for which he had four runners-up: Clausura 2008, Aberdura 2008, Aberdura 2009 and Clausura 2013.

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Ricardo Osorio

He is a youth team member for Cruz Azul, through which he made his debut in the summer of 2002. Clausura left the Heavenly Company after 2006, the year he began his journey through European football with Stuttgart from Germany.

Julio Caesar Pinheiro

The Brazilian Machine for Winter came in 1999, in a match in which the cement team lost to Pachuka in the final. Pinheiro was also instrumental in the 2001 Copa Libertadores defeat to Boca Juniors. Clausura left South American skies after 2003.

Alex Aquinaca placeholder image

Ecuador was the epitome of the 90s Nexus who won three league titles, which he achieved that Cruz could not match Azul. Aguinaka was only on Noria’s team in 2003.

Javier Aquino

He is a fake in the basic forces of Cruz Azul, with whom he debuted in Aberdera 2010. After three years of outstanding performances with Sky, he emigrated to Europe and launched Clausura 2013, in which the engine lost the final to the United States.

Jared Borgetti

After traveling through England and Saudi Arabia, Clasura returned to Mexican football in 2007 through Cruz Azul. However, at the end of Aberdera 2007, the attacker advanced to the Monterrey final.

Salvador Carmona

Cruz came to Azul full time for the 2005 Clasura, and experienced a positive doping problem at the 2005 Confederations Cup. Due to the problem, Carmona hung up her shoes after the 2007 Glossura.

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Angel Morales

‘Mattute’ was hired for the winter of 1999, in which the engine crashed in the final against Pacquiao. Morales, who also starred in the 2001 Copa Libertadores, finished his azure stage after finishing summer 2002.

Moro Comoranaceae

Before winning football in Europe, the natural Italian Argentina played three matches with Cruz Azul between 1999 and 2000. Comoronesi was against Pacquiao in the Winter 1999 final.

Caesar Villalus

The Cruise Azul youth team debuted in 2006 in Glasgow, a year after he became U-17 world champion. Villalus with the machine until Aberdura 2011, for which he participated in Glasura 2008, Aberdura 2008 and Aberdura 2009.

Marcelo Carrusca

He came up with the best poster for Aberdura 2008 from Galatasaray, Turkey, with whom he played in the Champions League. However, he lasted only two matches after his poor performance in the machine.

Louis Amaranth Peria

With experience in the Europa League and Champions League, Cruz arrived in Azerbaijan from Atletico de Madrid for Aberdera 2012. Colombia center-back Clasura was in the final of 2013, and Clasura left Noria for 2014.

Gabriel Pereira

Coming from River Plate, a team that has won two league championships, he came to the machine for the 2005 Clasura. Mestigo was in the line of cement manufacturers until 2007 Glasura.

Francisco Rodriguez

He went on a cruise from the United States to Azure for the 2014 Aberdeen. Having gained experience in football on the Old Continent and playing for PSV and Stuttgart, ‘Massa’ already had two league titles. Rodriguez Clausura left the machine after 2017.

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Marco Fabian

The Sivas youth team played only two matches with Cruz Azul: Clasura 2014 and Aberdera 2014. After a year with the celebrities, he returned to Guadalajara to preserve the Rojiblancos colors.

Rock Santa Cruz

Paraguayan striker Cruz Azul was only at the 2015 Clasura, but his performance was far from what was expected with only four goals. Santa Cruz was in Europe for eleven years before coming to the machine.

Francisco Gabriel de U.

He was already a national team player when Cruise came to Azul for the summer of 1999. He was with Cruz Azul between summer 1999 and summer 2000, so he was part of the team that lost in the final against Pacquiao in winter 1999.

Matthias Wuso

Cruz Azul was Toro’s last team in Mexico’s first division. Wuso, the champion with Santos, was in two contests with cement makers, Aberdura 2015 and Glasura 2016.

Sebastian Aubrey

He came to the machine in the summer of 2002, in which he became the ‘logo’ scoring champion. Aberdera left Uruguayan cement manufacturers to sign with the United States in 2003.

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