Dalí Cafeteria provides space for the creation of the Ministry of the Interior – El Sol de Hermosillo

Dalí Cafeteria provides space for the creation of the Ministry of the Interior – El Sol de Hermosillo

While they were looking for a comfortable place to work outside the home and at the same time have a good coffee, Yaneth Almazan, Daniel and Jorge Oriana thought of creating a fun and delicious space for the people who make the home office, that’s how Dali Weld Café was.

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Yaneth is in communication, Danielle and Georgie Orenia are designers, and together they have joined their knowledge to start a project designed for people who work outside the office, at home and under sanitary protection measures.

With their ideas, they designed an attractive cafeteria with homemade products, so after two months of work, they opened their business doors to the public on June 21.

“It was born out of our need for a little place we could work, because the heat of Hermosillo is so intense, so there were times when we didn’t want to work outdoors and we would go from coffee to coffee,” said Yaneth, “We were fans of coffee and wanted to do something, like that.” The idea of ​​opening a café was born.

Young people indicated that they visited some cafes in the capital of Sonora where they enjoyed a good drink and the spaces were fun to take pictures, so they decided to create a comfortable place with a different concept to spread local and artistic work. In the cafeteria.

“It all started as a joke saying ‘let’s start a business’, they joked for three days and then got serious and we thought that was what we wanted to put together and we all agreed it was coffee, so we started planning the first thing we thought was to paint a mural and put a light up” , He said.

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Along the streets of Ciudad del Sol, in one of the most hidden alleys of the Centenario neighborhood, stands Café Dalí, a space inspired by art, a love of coffee, and bright colours.

“The idea gradually formed around the concept we wanted to introduce, and we let ourselves get carried away in the moment so that we could do it, completely dedicate ourselves to being here, and find it good that they feel at home, the idea is a place to work and we think of this character that we can draw Including ideas and show art.”

Despite the difficulties that appeared at the beginning, the entrepreneurs did not hesitate to open the space, where they could enjoy it like customers.

“We have had very good comments about the coffee, the food and the very colorful mural, as well as how comfortable the place is and we really enjoy that it has become the place of choice for some people, friends, acquaintances and other people who come for their coffee up to three times a week and it makes us great coolThey prefer us.”

Among the products they offer, you cannot miss American coffee in the morning, frappe in different flavors, panini made with love, desserts that accompany good coffee and the famous chai tea known for its blend of flavors and aromas that delight the palate. from Hermosillo.

“We hope to stay and be known around Hermosillo, that we are the first choice for many people, the sun rises for everyone and we think we will have a group of people who would prefer to come to Dali, just as we had our favorite coffee and now Dali is a favourite,” he said.

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Young entrepreneurs reported that they are waiting for more spaces to open inside and outside the cafeteria so that customers can have other options to do their work in a more comfortable way, in addition to expanding the list of drinks and desserts. To learn more about the business, follow the social networks of Café Dalí Mx.

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“Do not be afraid, try to surround yourself with people who support and encourage you to open your business, nothing is impossible, so do not miss this idea that you have when you want to open a business, it is better to start acting on the conclusion that your dreams, you have to put them And it starts, one step at a time.

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