E-Health Without Bulls Will Fight Health Tricks in Spanish

E-Health Without Bulls Will Fight Health Tricks in Spanish
eSalud sin Bulos . axis
More than 30 AI experts, health professionals, and health publishers have built the E-Health Center without scams. Photo: Braňo, Unsplash.

More than 30 AI experts, health professionals and health publishers have formed the first technology-driven multidisciplinary working group to Fighting health hoaxes in Spanish, The eSalud sin Bulos . axis. driven by #SaludsinBulos Institute, which has agreements with more than 70 science and technology organizations against health hoaxes and is part of the Alliance Against Vaccine Hoaxes.

This group agreed on the Ten Commandments of Measures to combat misinformation in vaccines With the help of technologies that are already being used to spread hoaxes, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, but have not yet been used to counter them.

These measures include Use of graphs (related semantic units) and AI-Based Behavior Patterns To spot hoaxes on social networks, even before they go viral, and Using bots with honest information That counteracts the malicious messages about vaccines that are often created to generate mistrust among citizens.

Hackathon Health

One of the first actions will be to participate in Hackathon HealthOn November 20, a competition for digital health solutions involving health professionals and technology experts, which includes three challenges related to accurate information about vaccines.

They will be presented in a hackathon solution models It helps to detect and stop misinformation in vaccines, strengthening the vaccination calendar and the health professional’s personality as a source of honest information, both in Spain and Latin America,” he explains. Carlos MatthewsHealth Hackathon Coordinator and #SaludsinBulos Institute.

Health tricks can be detected using Natural Language Processing (NLP), with grammatical, syntactic and contextual analysis, according to Carlos Sanchez Bocanegra, one of the few experts in artificial intelligence to analyze the anti-vaccine movement on social networks in Spanish. “The goal is to help health professionals, managers, and communication experts identify the potential spread of deception and take information and awareness measures before they spread, as with epidemics, where data from mobile phone signals or conversations in networks can predict future outbreaks.”

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Expansion of vaccine hoaxes

Vaccine hoaxes have been around since the first vaccines were developed more than 200 years ago, according to Dr. Luis Ignacio Martinez Alcorta, a member of the Spanish Association of Immunization. However, “there has never been so much disinformation circulating as now, which spreads faster with new technologies, and can have malicious intent, whether political, social or economic,” he says. For this reason, the Ease or convenience there is Collaboration between health professionals and experts in technology and communication to deal with scams.

Vaccine hoaxes are largely explained Low vaccination rates in many European countries”, warns Carlos Mateos. “The anti-vaccine movement has become more visible during the pandemic, with the help of automatic hoax leaflets created from farms of robots, which, as various studies have shown, denigrate authorized vaccines in Europe and the United States and are trying to promote the benefits of Russian-language vaccines. ‘, he comments.

However, he adds, “ Big explosion of tricks It will happen when the vaccination reaches Children. There will be many fear-based messages circulating in WhatsApp groups and on social networks and technology can help us stop them.”

E-Health in Polos: A Stain From Measures to Combat Vaccine Hoaxes with Technology

1. Identification

Identification of Paulus by means Graphing and data mining. Analyze social networks via graphs to identify hoaxes. Use of data mining techniques to automatically detect the effect on anti-vaccine behavior patterns in social networks.

2. Classification

class Information employment Trustworthy And Untrustworthy To alert the user and provide reliable information. Recruit artificial intelligence algorithms It analyzes reliable sources, information circulating on social networks, and labeling false content with warnings.

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3. Early Intervention

brakes Posts that are growing so they don’t spread quickly. Discover publications / content about to go viral with response through bots and various technologies of Report content and post correct information.

4. Counterattack

get rid of positive bots can invalidate the work passive botsCreate bots that generate positive news or attack other bots that generate negative news on the same platforms on which they are produced. Post alert users who reacted to false information. Send reliable information on the topic that the user has noticed.

5. Prevention

Uses chatbots. Intelligent and sensitive chat systems to help spread vaccine information.

6. Awareness

Awareness campaigns On best practices for critical thinking for online news and information, supported by healthcare professionals and influencers, and about the lives that vaccination saves.

7. Gamificacion

Uses Video games to raise awareness on the benefits of vaccinations. Ask game development companies to incorporate pro-vaccine messages into popular video games.

8. Adaptation

Use tests that allow it Test the level of understanding and critical thinking of the user To tailor the message of professional vaccines. Awareness campaign on best practices. The goal is for the user to have critical thinking about online news and information, supported by healthcare professionals and influencers.

9. Complaint

Extensions in browsers. Browser Extensions To analyze the content and can report it to a database.

10. Training

prepare Digital tools for healthcare professionals So you can respond to vaccine hoaxes in simple, real-time language that enhance your role as a source of real health information.

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