Six things science recommends learning in a pandemic situation

Six things science recommends learning in a pandemic situation

Let’s face it: We’re not having a good time. Coronavirus pandemic, Which entered our lives in March of last year, has not yet receded, and although we do have hope that the vaccine will float on top of us, we know there is still a long way to go. Therefore, assuming this and protecting ourselves should remain wisdom.

However, months of anxiety, pain and loneliness can easily create a spiral of negativity that is difficult to get out of. Chronic stress, after all, alters the brain. And sometimes when we feel depressed, we don’t care about doing the things that can make us feel better. So let’s enjoy our life in 2021 We must abandon those destructive habits And restore our energy levels. In some cases, this may mean initially forcing yourself to do things that make you feel better. Here is a list of 6 people that can help you get through the tough times.

Compassion and altruism

You may not believe it, but kindness and compassion can change the brain. For example, One study showed that the donation is charitable It activated the reward system in the brain in a similar way when you receive money. Why don’t you try to volunteer? Perhaps it can help you by giving a different motivation to your life.

One study showed that a charitable donation activates the reward system in the brain in a similar way when you receive money

Do the exercises

It is essential that you feel good. As mentioned ‘Science alert“Sports in childhood is associated with improving school performance, while promoting better cognition and functional performance in young people, preserving cognitive performance in adults and providing resistance against neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia. Make sure, yes, of Choose to do something you really enjoy.

Eat well

Nutrition can greatly affect the development and health of the structure and function of the brain. Long-term nutrient deficiency can lead to structural and functional damage to the brain. Whereas, a good diet is associated with a larger brain size. A study of 20,000 participants from the UK Biobank showed that high cereal intake was associated with long-term beneficial effects and increased gray matter volume (a major component of the central nervous system), and was linked to improved cognition. In contrast, diets high in sugar, saturated fat, or calories can damage nerve function.

Stay in touch with others

We’re all tired of the zoom feature, but many studies They have already shown social isolation during a pandemic It produced many problems related to stress or depression. On the other hand, social interaction is associated with positive emotions and increased activation in the reward system in the brain. Take care of your family and friendship, and also in 2021 create new ones.

Learn something new

The brain changes during critical periods of growth, but it is also a life-long process. New experiences, such as learning skills, It can modify both brain function and basic brain structure. For example, games of lightness increase white matter structures (tissue made up of nerve fibers) in the brain associated with visual motor performance. Musicians, on the other hand, have more gray matter.

Sleep well

It is essential. There is a great relationship between sleep and good brain health. During sleep, the brain realigns it, recharges it, and removes secondary toxic residues, which helps to maintain normal function. It is also important to transfer experiences into our long-term memories.And maintain the cognitive and emotional function and reduce mental fatigue. In addition, it exerts a powerful regulatory effect on the immune system.

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