EH Bildu is committed to placing the 3rd Health Center on the substation site

EH Bildu is committed to placing the 3rd Health Center on the substation site

EH Bildu Lourdes, the newly born division of EH Bildu Tutera, is committing to install the third health center in Tudela, which is advocating its construction, on the site occupied by the Iberdrola Electric Substation. This facility is located between Avenida del Barrio and Calle Lor, close to Torre Monreal and Corazón de María, as well as Torre Monreal’s residence.

EH Bildu has already supported the construction of a third health center in Tudela in the Regional Parliament in a proposal put forward by Navarra Suma. In the statement announced yesterday, they urged Tudela and Tokero City Council to “start negotiations with Iberdrola and free up space occupied by the electrical substation.”

In this location, they are committed to not only building the health center but also the hundreds of parking lots that are “very much needed for the neighborhood”. This formation of the Navarra Soma government team indicates that “it is now their turn to do and not say, which is the only thing they have shown at the moment” and remind them that the coalition voted against an amendment by Beldo in Parliament that a request to build a new health center in this legislature “to avoid problems.” On contracting and construction deadlines. We demand that Toquero prove he is Tudela mayor immediately and work in a neighborhood mired in structural and services deficits. “

Finally, they argue that within the comprehensive modernization and reorganization plan of the primary care network, “a third health center could be established in Tudela, in Lourdes, with the consequent release of physical spaces, which would benefit the implementation of more services in Santa Ana.”

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