Former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya announced that he is leaving Mexico

Former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya announced that he is leaving Mexico

(CNN Español) – Former presidential candidate and former leader of the National Action Party, Ricardo Anaya, announced this Saturday that he is leaving Mexico A “short season” because President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador supposedly “wanted to put him in jail with two Bali lies and witnesses”.

Annaya, in a video posted on his social media sites, said the president is seeking to avoid his candidacy in 2024 and that his government is “extremely disturbed” by his criticism.

“Lopez Obrador wants to screw me up badly. I’m getting in the way of his succession plans in 2024. He doesn’t want me to be a candidate. He wants to jail me because he doesn’t like what I say,” Anaya said in her video.

On Saturday, President Lopez Obrador did not address Anaya’s complaints, and CNN also contacted the presidency and responded that there would be no position. “He is free to comment,” they added.

Anaya indicated that they will initiate proceedings against him as a result of statements made by the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, before the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In August 2020, media such as El Universal de México and Reuters reported that Lozoya announced that he had given Anaya nearly 7 million pesos – $343,775 – to support his aspirations to reach the governor of Queretaro. This is something Anaya denies and claims that she will prove her innocence.

“What happens is if you’re uncomfortable with a president who is obsessed with having all the power, who can’t stand criticism, and who tells us ‘either you are with him or you are against him,’ the way out is: Get you out of the way, rub you the bad way.”

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As of this Saturday, the attorney general’s office had not publicly confirmed an investigation against Anaya and a request for information sent by CNN had not been immediately answered.

Authorities are investigating allegations of money laundering and bribery in the Odebrecht case. Lozoya cooperates in this case as a witness and has denied all charges.

Regarding his leaving the country, he said that although this is not what he would have liked, he is doing so to avoid having his political rights and the possibility of running within 3 years “take away”. He indicated that he will tour with immigrants “with those Mexicans who also had to leave Mexico in order to preserve hope.”

As of this Saturday, PAN had not responded publicly to Anaya’s allegations and a request for information sent by CNN was not immediately answered.

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Karina Maciel and Marlon Sorto contributed to this report.

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