HannesBrands closes its factory in El Salvador. 1,592 employees will be laid off

HannesBrands closes its factory in El Salvador.  1,592 employees will be laid off

This is El Salvador Sew, dedicated to sportswear, in San Juan Ubico. HanesBrands announced that the closure will occur in phases. The day begins with the dismissal of 702 people.

North American company HanesBrands It announced that it will close one of its factories in our country, specifically El Salvador Sew, dedicated to sportswear, located in San Juan Ubico. This action will affect all 1,592 employees. The company stated this through an official statement, in which it attributed this closure to uncertainty about the current global economic conditions and low consumer demand.

“The parent company has taken measures to align and enhance production capabilities and resources to continue serving our customers and consumers in the best possible way. For this reason, today we inform all our employees at El Salvador Seo Company that we are forced to conduct a complete, forced and final closure of this factory. The factory opened its doors in 2009.

But the closure will take place in stages. The first one is happening today, specifically, with the dismissal of 702 employees. According to the company, it will continue this process “in accordance with the work’s production requirements until the factory is completely closed.”

In July of this year, HanesBrands received the award for Largest Industrial Exporter from the Association of Salvadoran Industrialists (ASI), as well as in the categories of Major Exporter in the Region, Maximum Industrial Employer, and Largest Exporter in the Textiles and Apparel Sector. . On this occasion, HanesBrands won the Top Exporter Award for the tenth time in a row.

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In this year’s ASI Awards, HanesBrands was one of the most recognized companies, including being the largest employer in the industrial sector. Photo by EDH/Jessica Orellana.

In 2022, the company’s sales in El Salvador reached $717.6 million. It employs more than 8,000 workers, a number that will be reduced with the closure of the factory in San Juan Ubico. The company arrived in our country in 1992.

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