Health Minister defends proposal to expand capacity to 100%: ‘It is not a populist measure’

Health Minister defends proposal to expand capacity to 100%: ‘It is not a populist measure’
Hernan Condori, Minister of Health. Photo: Andean Agency

despite of Criticism and questioningowner Ministry of Health (Minsa), Hernan Kondoriremains firm in his proposal tomorrow, February 23, in a session of the Council of Ministers, chaired by Prime Minister Hannibal Torreswhat or what Indoor and outdoor capacity is 100% in order to revitalize the economy.

During a multi-sectoral campaign in Ankun, Minister Kondori ruled out being populist initiative He indicated that it is supported by standards World Health Organization (WHO).

It’s not a populist measure and we haven’t done that recently. Throughout the pandemic, the epidemiological curve in which the number of COVID-19 cases is decreasing is evaluated every two weeks, every week. pointed out.

As he recalls, last week, the President of Mensa announced to the press that he is preparing this measure with Deputy Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, who submitted his letter of resignation arguing that jobs in the health sector are being politicized.

I will introduce a law in the council session. “This issue has already been evaluated with Deputy Minister Russell and he has told me that it is possible to give 100% of the capacity in different places”He pointed to that opportunity.

During his visit to Ankun, Kondori also consulted The degree of influence that Vladimir Cerrone, the leader of Peru Libre, has with regard to the country’s public health orientation.

“the doctor Vladimir Cerun is a doctor, But the person who runs the Ministry of Health is my character. Condori Machado told the press that the one who gives the health policy is the President of the Republic, Professor Pedro Castillo, who has invited me to be Minister of Health. “We have a framed health policy for the benefit of the Peruvian people,” he added.

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Swipe to unlock capacity at 100%

On all sides, they referred to Hernan Condori’s proposal to reopen 100% power in open and closed spaces as “populist”. Among the most prominent critics is the opinion of the former Minister of Health, Hernando Cefaloswho led the sector until a few weeks ago.

“Decisions about restrictions or not are made on a technical basis that I hope the minister will share with us. When we refer to capacity ratios, they are presented based on vaccination progress, number of infections and hospitalization, and response capacity of each district”Explained on RPP TV channel.

Hernando Cevallos said the proposed measures required a clear risk aversion assessment. “The authorities are obligated to preserve the health of citizens. Let us not forget that in Europe they have moved from a third wave to a fourth and fifth wave, and this has arisen, because the epidemic containment levels have been reduced in some countries, and the use of masks has also been suspended in some places.”, pass.

For his part, the former Minister of Health said, Oscar Ugartewho also led this portfolio in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic in the government of Francisco Sagaste, stated that there is no support to support the said initiative, given that Lima and Callao are at a moderate alert level, while in other provinces the risk is still high.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the College of Medicine of Peru (CMP), Raúl UrquisoIndoor and outdoor capacity was 100%. We are against it because it is not a technical job. It’s a declaration of the ability to please the population with the risk that we are in the third wave and the lack of vaccines is still alarming. The minister should be concerned about speeding up vaccination. I have been to Ayacucho and only 40% have been vaccinated.” He said in an interview with RPP Noticias.

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