Health Minister(s): “We have not given up tracing for any reason”

Health Minister(s): “We have not given up tracing for any reason”

This morning, the Minister(s) of Health, Maria Teresa Valenzuela, referred to the announcements made in yesterday’s Covid balance sheet, where it was reported that Changes in categories of confirmed case, close contact and ‘people on Covid alert’ To deal with the significant increase in infections in the country due to the Omicron variant.

And so, starting today with the new mods, It will be the responsibility of those infected with the Covid virus to locate potential infected persons, who will enter the classification of “person on Covid alert”, without obligation to isolation.

In this regard, Valenzuela stressed that these new definitions do not mean that cases are untraceable.

“We haven’t given up on tracking for any reason. Only the method of accompaniment of confirmed cases of Covid and also the contacts have been changed”, He added that this is “the first time that special modifications have been made because of this new alternative.”

Due to the speed of transmission of this virus, which is very different from other variants, the case is told that once it is confirmed as a case, it has to notify its contacts Who is believed to have been with them in the past 48 hours, or from the time the test was taken without proper use of a mask“, to explain.

He noted that “it costs people a lot to report their contacts to the authority”, and for the same reason, and because of the speed of transmission of the variable, “It is much better for the case itself to notify those people” with whom they have been in contact.

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“Therefore, education is offered focused on those people, who are in contact or self-proclaimed as a contact in this case, and what they are recommended is to get tested as soon as possible,” handle.

In terms of testing places that people will be able to go to, Valenzuela noted that it has set up testing centers in primary care institutions, “and also in strategic places where we know many people are congregating, where there are crowds.”

“What we’re looking for is to focus on the centers of interest and stadiums where we know people are congregating,” he added.

In addition to these amendments, the Minister(s) were also consulted The unvaccinated Socialist MP who tested positive for Covid and caused her entire seat – including the head of the Socialist Party – to be quarantinedThe Minister(s) indicated that “Here there must be special measures that are further strengthened.” In that sense, the MPs who go to vote have their vaccines.

“That the deputies, for example, had to vote on the constitutional right to go to vote have their vaccines (…) are an example, for us there are powers that should set an example: one obviously corresponds to what the legislature is, where the To set the best example of vaccination.”

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