Hernan Kondori: Why is the Minister of Health being questioned?

Hernan Kondori: Why is the Minister of Health being questioned?
Hernan Kondori will now be questioned by the Congress of the Republic

On March 16th Interrogation in the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic of the Minister of Health, Hernán Condoré. The session started around 9:30 AM

Since he took office on February 7, Kondori Machado has been questioned by many politicians and even The Peruvian Medical Syndicate requested his resignation.

Learn here about the questions that led to the minister’s questioning.

submerged water

Soon after taking office, a video was broadcast on social networks showing the president of Mensa promoting the pooled water. “It is water with ordered particles, like a hexagon”You hear him say. He pointed out that people are born with this and with the passage of years they lose it.

Thus, he stated that this loss is “It causes a series of metabolic disorders“what or what”disease breedsFor this reason, he recommended the consumption of group X2, which lacks scientific support. Even at a Cabinet press conference He said he saw the benefits on Google.

As a result of promoting this article, Medical College of Peru (CMP) Request his resignation and dismissal from Mensa. A sit-in took place against him on 2 March.

cancer detection

Minister Kondori was also questioned To promote the cancer detection method for 1 minute in a video. In it, he said that the operation was performed by a licensed obstetrician, not a doctor. The CMP subsequently reported that this sanctioned as a Illegal practice of medicineBecause this is a procedure that only a doctor can do.

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At a press conference, CMP Assistant Dr. Milagros Sanchez Torrejon explained:

“Who will perform the colposcopy is the obstetrician?” He says, referring to a licensed obstetrician. I want it to be very clear, Obstetrics graduate, who now call themselves obstetricians, are not doctors, so they cannot do medical work. Colposcopy is a medical procedure that is performed only by an obstetrician, gynecologist, gynecological oncologist, and surgeon with appropriate training, and approved by the Ministry of Health.“.

When asked, Kondori Machado insisted that detecting this type of cancer in women could be done in a minute.

When we say diagnose cancer in a minute, it’s like this (…) And let a gynecologist deny me. I invite a specialist to deny me, not to mislead (…]With colposcopy we can determine if there are precancerous or precancerous lesions. Doctors who listen to me know what I am talking about and within about a minute we can tell if that patient has certain characteristics of precancerous cells, and from there we refer her to a doctor specialist, because I do not take a biopsy, continue treatment, “ Sometimes he defended himself.

mafia dungeons

On March 3, Minister It revealed irregularities inside Mensa and pointed to the existence of a mafia seeking to get it out of the sector. He indicated that he discovered his presence within 23 days of taking office “Alleged mafias of all levels, consulting, administrative impunity, exaggerated purchases, which would have involved previous government efforts, this is something that everyone should reject”.

In light of this, the CMP and the former Ministers of Health, Oscar Ugarte and Hernando Cevallos asked him to inform him who constituted these “supposed mafias”.

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Thousands of people work in Mensa to advocate for health. That is why the minister must identify the alleged members of the “mafia” that he discovered”And the Cevallos tweeted.

“Minister Kondori’s statement that he would have found an alleged mafia in Mensa compels him to denounce those who are making it up, otherwise it will be just a smokescreen to cover up complaints against him by the CMP and other institutions requesting his resignation.”Ugarte said in a tweet.

On the other hand, the Dean of the CMP said, Raul Urquizuconfirmed that Kondori “He talks about the mafia when he should worry about giving more budget“. Within three weeks, he discovered what many of the ministers who had been there for months had not realized. It really gives off news to distract usYes”.

Waiver of powers

Another major event since taking over the health portfolio is the departure of several officials, in the face of constant questioning by the minister. On February 10, the members of the High Level Advisory Panel (ECAN) submitted their irrevocable resignations. They considered thatThere are no conditions for independent and consequential exercise of the above task“.

Previous officials were Virginia Garaicoechea Cannon, Edwin Vásquez-Guercy, Ladislao Tutaya Gonzalez, Juan Rivera Viejo and Gabriela Minaya Martinez.

same day, Minsa State’s Deputy Minister of Public Health, Gustavo Rosell, has resigned from his position. Through his social networks, the former official thanked the 10 months he spent in Mensa and highlighted the application of more than 58 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine during his time in office.

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On the other hand, on February 25 The head of the immunization department, Gabriela Jimenez, has also resigned – Preliminary in the progress of vaccination against COVID-19 in the country. The former official also expressed that the ongoing changes in Mensa have affected the artistic structure of her district. What is more, He has denounced a series of abuses his administration has suffered since Hernan Condori took office.

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