‘History Twins’ Split: Wisin and Yandel Announce Last Tour Together

‘History Twins’ Split: Wisin and Yandel Announce Last Tour Together
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Some musical marriages were revived after separation; While many believe there is an exception to the return of the Wisin y Yandal pair, urban artists have confirmed their last tour together.

Wisin y Yandal, the urban Latin duo, told the EFE agency that they would end their lives as a group almost 25 years later with a great tour and new album “La Ultima Mission”, the release of its first solo ‘Record’. On all digital platforms this Thursday.

But just because they sing no more does not mean it will happen in their personal lives. According to Juan Luis Morena – Wisin’s real name – he has no plans to retire from music.

“I have always been involved in music. Retreat in music never happens. I like what I do, it’s not work, but something I enjoy ”. Morena noted that ‘The Last Mission’ was a necessary recording job “Close this cycle the right way”.

For his part, Yandel confirmed that a tour of ‘The Last Race’ had been arranged before the outbreak; Now that face-to-face events in the world and Latin America are being re-launched, it is hoped that the album will be released in 2022 after its release.

“We are preparing for a lofty cycle to take our show. Many concerts will be held in the new cities in 2022 and early 2023 and we have already gone to share our successes in others. “, Also referred to as ‘The Survivor’.

For his part, Llandel Veguilla-Yandel- emphasized that the single, ‘Remember’, precisely seeks to evoke ‘aliens’ from 1998 to the present. “It’s a good vibe. We’ll come up with a good job.” Puerto Rican revealed about this song composed by Jesse Terrero.

As for the album, they both said it was almost over and would include some of the best music in the world. “We want to finish the best”Wisin said without mentioning the name.

It should be remembered that Wiggins and Yandel have been remembered as the most important urban duet in Reckton’s history since they began creating their vast musical careers in 1998 with the first single included on the album ‘DJ Nicky, No Fear 3’. .

In addition, in their careers of more than two decades, the two have recorded ten albums and won numerous awards, including Anglo Grammy and two Latin Grammy. It established itself as the band with the largest number of concerts in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in the island’s main location, San Juan, where they marked the milestone of performing eight consecutive shows in December 2019 as part of their tour. ‘Como before the trip’.

This is how the discography of the ‘twins of history’ was created

In addition to the ten works already mentioned, they have two albums – ‘My vida … My life’ from 2003 and ‘La historia del duo’ from 20113- and two live – ‘Tomando control’ from 2007 and ‘La revolucion’ 2010:

1- ‘Kings of the New Millennium’ (2000)

2- ‘From new to old’ (2001)

3- ‘Otherwise’ (2002)

4- ‘Paul Mundo’ (2005)

5- ‘The Aliens’ (2007)

6- ‘Revolution’ (2009)

7- ‘The Cowboys: The Return’ (2011)

8- ‘Leaders’ (2012)

9- ‘People’s Champions’ (2018)

10- ‘The Last Work’ (2022)

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