How do you fall in love with someone according to science?

How do you fall in love with someone according to science?

How do you fall in love with someone who no longer wants to continue the relationship? Well, science has some secrets to forget forever.

You may have read a lot about how to fall in love or ways you can find out that you are deeply in love and it may not be about anything Keys to falling in love with that person That broke your heart, a painful process, so here we reveal those secrets so that you don’t even think about love anymore.

There are certain secrets about how to fall in love with someone according to science, they decided to study the process when someone stops having feelings for another, so take a note and let your heart no longer belong to them.

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According to the director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, John Cassiobo, right now we begin to separate ourselves from this special person, certain areas of pain in the brain are activated.

The sensations we experience in these situations are very strong and do not go away quickly. People get hurt and want to hurt others, so it’s not nice to be around them. “People get depressed and withdrawn and that becomes contagious,” he told the BBC.

For this reason, it is very common to feel certain Problems such as stress, anxiety and insomnia To avoid some of these things, you must know the following secrets to fall in love with someone.

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How do you fall in love with someone quickly?

Don’t blame yourself

It is very normal that when you end a relationship, you start to feel guilty that the other person no longer wants to be with you, which is why you should Work on your self respect and restore your self love.

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