“I think my shows (Boric and Kast) are completely different versions of the two countries”

“I think my shows (Boric and Kast) are completely different versions of the two countries”

Today we talk to him in Word That Is News boss Public Space, Javier Saguria.

in the last stage before the second presidential round on December 19; Candidates for La Moneda are sticking to tight schedules to get more votes. In addition, each candidate’s orders to the government made a series of programmatic adjustments. This Tuesday Republican Party Representative, Jose Antonio Caste; He presented his modified program with the matches of Chile Vamos; Parliamentarians from the sector and experts from study centers. The same thing happened yesterday with the Dignity Approval filter. who made the known amendments drafted jointly with the Academic Economic Advisory Board; Where ideas were collected from Yasna Provoste and Marco Enríquez Ominami.

Criticism of both candidates

I think one criticism of both candidates is the lack of reality; lack of ability to implement proposals; Economically Kast were vague proposals, increasing public spending without endorsement and not even accepted by an economist; In Borek the unlikely growth of the country in 8 years. What has been done is to turn that into concrete and feasible measures; Especially taking into account the new composition of the Congress”; emphasizes Javier Saguria.

The second round of negotiations

“There is a term that the second round, as well as all political processes, should have spaces for negotiations where the proposals are modifiable according to the support received, and none of the candidates will get that support without changes in the government’s plan. In Kast we saw a full review, Where issues such as the Ministry of Women, and climate change have been addressed, it can be seen that his new government plan has abandoned positions of this kind and, for example, does not make progress in the field of water rights.The forecast for growth is adjusted, and it is more specific with tax breaks, so It is a hasty plan but there is an almost complete reconversion of the controversial issues, and it is more similar to a traditional right”, comments the Director of Public Space.

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Borek’s economic proposal

“In the case of Boric, it made an economic adjustment, the inclusion of initiatives by candidates such as Yasna Provoste and Marco Enríquez-Ominami, changes in the economic conditions to support small and medium-sized enterprises to raise the minimum wage, are some adjustments, but no significant changes,” notes Javier. Sagoria.

Differences between Kast and Boric software

“I think the programs are very different, with very different versions of states, and there is asymmetric polarization, and there are important differences despite the fact that second-round candidates are broadening their electorate, but they keep on imagining a different state. Voters do it for different reasons, and we think we make voting decisions. More complicated. The political preferences of our environment, morals, we think we make complex decisions but the evidence in the world is that such a difficult decision has not been made, everyone has their own priorities. I don’t know if it is a good idea to call it an “emotional vote”, voting decisions are becoming more flexible Every day before, before there was an important party determination, today is less weighty,” notes the director of the public space.

Choose between two extremes

“There is an international idea, which is to choose between two extremes, one can speak of two spatial opposites, how the candidates fall into a continuum, and what one can find in depth is that no one else is to the right of Kast, and for the left of Borek, if There is more space, the Communist Party, which is represented by Eduardo Artes. The proposals are analyzed and after the reforms it can be seen that the Borek program is almost social-democratic, so it is difficult to think that his plan is extreme, ”concludes Javier Saguria.

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