Italy vs. Spain – Competition Report – October 6, 2021

Italy vs.  Spain – Competition Report – October 6, 2021

The Spanish team took sweet revenge, finishing Italy’s historic trail unbeaten at home, beating San Siro and doubling Eurocup’s best tally Ferran Torres And Louis Enrique is a demonstration of a football style that transcends all the levels faced in the final four of the League of Nations.

Football was indebted to Spain. He targeted it from an exhibition not held at Wembley in the semi-finals of the last European Championship. That penalty shoot-out left Lewis Enrique on the brink of fame when he deserved the most. Without key players in his plan, he would have achieved the impossibility of making Italy earthly in his field. In a friendly 50 years ago he never achieved it in official competition.

The series of 37 games without Italian defeat was destroyed by Spain, which, based on the belief in the philosophy of maintaining beyond losses, was strengthened in the results that created a sensation for Luis Enrique, beyond all. Poet, A starter of 17 years and 62 days, gave reason to the selector in the field. With a cheek unsuitable for his age, he shone in a less regular place, but in the place Italy demanded, in defensive work, without being distracted by anyone.

In the absence of Pure 9, Louis Enrique’s real scorer, Ferran Torres, appeared with record numbers. His double refers to him as a benchmark, showing the importance of a footballer who left the band with 12 goals in 21 games and ate Italian centers. Chillini did not start to surprise everyone and misdirected the ball while measuring his game with Ponzi in yellow. On the verge of rest, he jumped his elbow with the buskets and left his team on the edge of the crease, just seconds before admitting the quiz.

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There have been no downsizing fights between the two teams in San Siro, such as Spain and Italy, and recent episodes indicate a major confrontation. The stars disappeared on the pitch due to injuries but it was not important for the courageous approach that Luis Enrique’s men took the kick-off ball again and sent it off, perfecting the opponent.

Although the first opportunity was for Italy, he was taken out by Parella with a dry shot by an extended unai, but nothing stopped Spain. Marcos Alonso He did everything right and turned the game to the left. Every climb goes prudently, into space, firm in defense and fast to stop counter-attacks. Born first in her sight, Sarabia turned her back, but Oyersapal ran into Bastoni.

Kavi proved an improper job for his DNA, stopping only one act of the missing cheese, there should be a reference but he fell into prison and appeared to be moving away from his sphere of influence. According to her, on the other hand, Ferran Torres appeared to finish off a large center from Oysterball. It was the 17th minute and the play was born by Marcos Alonso.

Wembley hero Donnaramma was nervous. He was whistled by his own fans for leaving Milan to play for PSG. Without the rhythm of the match, his pulse trembled two minutes after the first goal, with Marcos Alonso’s left foot shot not blocking and chasing the tree in front.

Italy, unable to recover their football without overcoming the Spanish approach, had to go one step further and run the risk of providing a counter-attack at Ferron speed. Their best moments were born wrong when the ball went out but between Unai and the post they missed Bernardechi’s balance and Inzain forgave everything to score with a failed Spanish goalkeeper.

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There was no time for doubt, because the poet re-established respect in San Ciro, culminating in a low shot taken by Wiresball Donorumma and a bad decision by Ponucci who knocked him out. The game faced Spain, and in the extra time of the first act it suffered a decisive blow. Measured touch of oysterball on Ferron’s head again to place second signature.

The pass for the final is in his pocket and waiting for a rival between France and Belgium, keeping an eye on the meeting clock for Spain and avoiding Italian austerity. But whatever the circumstances, the Italian character always makes sure he falls on his feet if he fails. He raised the intensity to the limit allowed by the referee and Mancini’s changes increased the muscle, Keane’s bite increased vertically.

Kavi’s first scene was paired with Jeremy Pino, another breath of fresh air with plenty of quality in attack. He did everything well until there was an error in closing a corner kick with two minutes left in one and Pellegrini’s goal of seven minutes.

The only shortcoming of Spain is the punishment for the weakness of the actions that Spain must overcome. Wirezapal sent a gift from Jeremy to the side of the net and Donnarumma showed Marcos Alonso’s left foot shot.

San Siro resurrected and pushed their team to the final as Italy struggled until the last second, but Spain were not affected and sealed their pass to the final. Nine years later, he has a chance to win a title again after a sweet revenge.

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