“It’s time to think about what we want to achieve for our health”

“It’s time to think about what we want to achieve for our health”

the health! & rdquo;. We bang cups and toast, of course we wish each other so condition -or a process or a feeling – we consider it almost universally most common Importance. What are we really wishing for at that moment?

The identification From “Health” has changed dramatically over Atmosphere – and space -, and will likely continue to shape itself according to new aspirations and perceptions society and its members. The concept of ‘health promotion’ is trying to broaden the scope of concentration From health to something beyond just absence Illnesswhich is a process that allows to act on the determinants of health, which range from behind – on the other side Individual factors, which take the form of social, economic, historical and cultural structures that influence singly. Thus, the pursuit of health becomes collective.

The Community participation It is considered one of the main pillars that support health promotion. To achieve this, how do we agree on the meaning and value of the concept of “health”? At any point we have subjectivity Is our individual and then societal desire for health being considered? In what moments do we participate in living, creating and promoting health?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed the spread of the virus no responses These questions make it difficult to find them within community spaces. However, it cannot be denied before pandemic Meeting to think about these questions from social communication It was also not present in most of the spaces.

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It’s time to meet and reflect About what we want to achieve for our health, with the support Political administrations and health institutions as collective tools. to achieve Upgrade functional For collective health, we need to Empowerment restoring the leadership role of members of society in decision-making and action in health, and understanding power, Foucault suggests, not as a noun but as a sign verb.

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